29 Amazing Wave Fonts For Impressive Designs 2024

Wave Fonts

Are you looking for the best wave fonts to add wavy effects to your graphic video, or digital artwork?

Typography is the most popular design element for creating an amazing design that instantly wins viewers’ attention. But, when you’re particularly looking for a pairing theme font that gives a professional touch, choosing the right one is important.

In this post, we’ll share our top picks of the best wave fonts for your next design project.

How to Pick the Best Wave Fonts

When picking wave fonts, there are a few things to consider to ensure that you choose the best wave font for your project:

The first and most important fact before picking wave fonts is they must offer a fun and playful feel. So, Think about the tone you want to convey and choose a wave font that aligns with that.

The second thing is to ensure it comes with a decorative style that offers a stylish approach to add readability. If your project will be read by a wide audience or will include large blocks of text, you may want to choose a wave font that is easier to read.

There are many different styles of wave fonts available, from more stylized and decorative fonts to more minimal and streamlined fonts. Consider the style of your project and choose a wave font that fits in with that aesthetic.

Wave fonts can be more challenging to read than more traditional fonts, especially in smaller sizes. Be sure to test the font at different heights to ensure it is legible and easy to read.

By considering these factors, you can choose a wave font that is perfect for your project and helps to convey the tone and style you want to achieve.

The Top 5 Wave Fonts for Designers

There are lots of wave fonts available on the internet, and we’ve chosen the 29 best for you.

If you don’t have time to check them all, here are the top 5 wave fonts you can use. If you wish to move forward quickly, try one of these!

  • New Wave Soho – Lightweight, fast theme with 230+ professional designs.
  • The Wave Font – Simple podcast WordPress theme
  • Tanco – Smart podcasting with monetization
  • Wishful – Free WordPress podcast theme
  • Ocean Waves Typeface– Stylish and great appearance

Collection of The Best Wave Fonts

Below, we have gathered 30+ brilliant wave fonts to create impressive designs that reflect wavy effects. This collection includes only high-quality fonts that have perfect wave effects that you can use for any design. Scroll down and see which ones will suit best to your design projects. Come, take a peek, and choose your pick.

1. New Wave Soho

Is your design or digital artwork demand a wavy effect? Then The New Wave Soho Display Font is the right pick for you. It draws its inspiration from punk posters and exudes a vibrant energy.

It embodies rebellion, going against the mainstream, and daring to be different. When you use this font, it transports you back to the 70s era, giving you a nostalgic feeling.

It’s a versatile typeface that can be used for various projects such as branding, movie titles, headline letters, book covers and content, magazine covers, poster designs, quotes lettering, logos, and more.

It’s an excellent choice for adding a unique touch to your project design.

Key Features:

  • It offers a unique glyph, allowing you to add distinctive and eye-catching elements to your designs.
  • Available in both uppercase and lowercase letters, giving you flexibility in creating visually appealing compositions.
  • This font has a stylistic set alternate to experiment with different letterforms and styles, adding a creative flair to your designs.
  • For your convenience, It is available in both OTF (OpenType) and TTF (TrueType) formats.

Price: Elements Subscription

2. Stiletto Font

Stiletto Font

The Stiletto Font comes in two distinct versions: the BLACK STYLE and the SILVER STYLE. Each version offers a unique aesthetic to cater to different design preferences.

Both versions of the font are available in the TRUETYPE format. The BLACK STYLE version of Stiletto Font exudes a bold and powerful look, with its strong and impactful letterforms. It is an ideal choice for designs that require a sense of strength and intensity.

On the other hand, the SILVER STYLE version of the Stiletto Font offers a sleek and elegant appearance, with refined letter shapes and a touch of sophistication.

It is perfect for design projects that call for a more sophisticated and upscale vibe.

Whether you need a font that makes a bold statement or one that exudes a classy elegance, Stiletto Font in its BLACK STYLE and SILVER STYLE variations provides the versatility to elevate your designs.

Price: Free

3. Long Wave Font

Long Wave Font

Are you looking for wave fonts that reflect modern looks? Then opt for the Long Wave font. This font is characterized by its bold and authentic style, making it perfect for various branding projects.

Long Wave Font is available in two widely supported formats: OTF and TTF. Also, The font consists of uppercase letters, adding a sense of prominence and impact to your designs.

With its modern and bold aesthetic, Long Wave Font will help you create visually striking and memorable visuals for your branding or marketing-related design projects.

You can consider Long Wave for a logo design, t-shirt printing, or even an esports-related project, Long Wave Font is versatile enough to stand out in a wide range of creative work.

Try out the Long Wave Font today and unleash its potential to take your design projects to new heights.

Price: Elements Subscription

4. The Wave Font

The Wave Font

Do you wish to apply unique and impressive wave effects? Then this decorative font could be the perfect choice.

The font features an impressive zebra-striped pattern in a wavy style that will add a unique touch to your branding or marketing design work.

This wave font is available in both uppercase and lowercase letter formats. numerals, punctuation marks, and accented characters.

You will find this font useful in logos, branding materials, cards, posters, mugs, or even overlays for your photography.

Unlock the beauty and creativity of The Wave Font today and elevate your typographic projects and designs to new levels of visual appeal.

Price: Desktop $12.00, E-pub $20.00, App $100.00, Webfont Starting at $12.00

5. Mortal Wave – Dry Brush Font

Mortal Wave - Dry Brush Font

This is another wave font that brings a natural and artistic feel to your design. This brush font is specifically designed to add a unique touch to your designs, making it ideal for logos, quotes, posters, playful lettering, clothing designs, and more.

Mortal Wave comes with several key features to enhance your creative process. The font files are available in TTF, OTF, and WOFF formats, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of design software and platforms.

With ligatures included, Mortal Wave allows you to create smooth and flowing connections between certain letter combinations, adding a touch of elegance to your typography.

The font set includes both uppercase and lowercase letters, providing versatility in crafting captivating compositions. Additionally, numbering and punctuations are also available, making it easy to create well-rounded and complete designs.

Unleash your creativity with Mortal Wave – the perfect choice for adding a natural and artistic flair to your designs.

Price: Elements Subscription

6. Tanco


If you aim to apply an old-fashioned wavy effect to your design then this serif typeface designed by Drizy Studio is an ideal pick.

This font brings a touch of vintage elegance to your projects and offers all the essential styles you need for a successful design.

Tanco comes with a set of uppercase and lowercase letters, allowing you to create harmonious and balanced compositions.

With Tanco, you can achieve a classic and timeless aesthetic for your projects, whether it’s for branding, editorial design, invitations, or any other application that requires a touch of old-world charm.

Embrace the old-fashioned elegance of Tanco and elevate your designs to a new level of sophistication.

Price: Desktop$14.00, E-pub$28.00, App$140.00

7. Chill More Wavy Sans Font

Chill More Wavy Sans Font

Price: Desktop$12.00, E-pub$28.00, App$140.00

8. Waver Font

Waver Font

Price: Free

9. Wave Font by Rick Mueller

Wave Font by Rick Mueller

Price: Free

10. Wishful

Wave-Regular Font

Price: Free

11. Brush Font Duo Ocean Waves

Brush Font Duo Ocean Waves

Price: $15

12. Seawave Font

Seawave Font

Price: Free

13. Heatwave Brush Font

Price: start at $24.00.

14. Milkytwins Modern Wave Calligraphy

Milkytwins Modern Wave Calligraphy

Price: $16

15. JLR Waves Font

JLR Waves Font

Price: Free

16. Mahrpedig Sans Font

Mahrpedig Sans Font

Price: Free

17. Magma Wave Caps

Magma Wave Caps

18. Chill Wave – Geometric Font

Chill Wave - Geometric Font

19. Slick Wave Font

Slick Wave Font

20. Ocean Waves Typeface

Ocean Waves Typeface

21. Seiche Wave

Seiche Wave

22. Astral Wave Font

Astral Wave Font

23. Wave of Love Font

Wave of Love Font

Price: $10

24. H1N1 Font

H1N1 Font

25. Sweet Waves – Luxury Handwritten

Sweet Waves - Luxury Handwritten

26. Coral Waves. Font And Clip Arts

Coral Waves. Font And Clip Arts

27. Structure Wave

28. Dolphin Ocean Wave Font

Dolphin Ocean Wave Font

Price: Free

29. Sound-Sample Font

Sound-Sample Font

29+ Best Wave Fonts Summary

In conclusion, the best wave fonts collection offers a variety of styles and aesthetics to suit different design needs. These fonts capture the essence of waves, bringing energy, movement, and a unique visual appeal to your projects.

Whether you’re looking for a bold and rebellious vibe, a retro touch, or a modern and cool aesthetic, there’s a wave font for every design.

Some notable fonts from the collection include New Wave Soho Display Font, which draws inspiration from punk posters, exuding rebellion and energy. Stiletto Font offers a sleek and stylish look with its black and silver styles. The Long Wave Font is a bold and modern choice, perfect for branding and t-shirt printing. The Wave Font adds a retro touch with its wavy zebra-striped pattern, reminiscent of hand-written chalk lettering. Chill More Font brings a trendy and cool vibe with its wavy sans design.

Other noteworthy wave fonts include Waver Font, Heatwave Font with its ’80s-inspired style, Tanco Font for an old-fashioned and classic look, and the Ocean Waves Font Duo, offering both regular and monogram fonts for various design projects.

Whether you’re working on branding, posters, logos, or social media graphics, these wave fonts provide versatility, creativity, and a touch of uniqueness to make your designs stand out.

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