20 Best Camera Mockup Templates 2024

Camera Mockups

Do you wish to present your design, photography, or any other digital artwork with realistic camera mockup templates?

For many designers, when it comes to presenting or showcasing their work in a clean, professional, and realistic manner can be challenging, using a pre-made mockup helps to add realism as well as professionalism to win clients’ or viewers’ minds instantly.

For this post, we have created a list of the best camera mockup templates for stand-out presentations.

Why & When Do You Need Camera Mockups?

A camera mockup is a tool that helps you to bring real life to your work as well as useful in the design evaluation process. It is a full-size model of a design or device, used for product presentations or other purposes.

For example, When you’re presenting your great photography work, you’ll often be faced with tough competition. Presenting or showcasing your work with a professionally crafted camera mockup with a pairing environment can help convey your message.

Making a presentation from scratch needs skills and takes time, you can go through the process of creating your own mockup using dedicated graphics software such as Adobe Photoshop, but sometimes you might be better off using pre-made mockup templates made by professionals.

To offer a bit of help, Here we have a round-up of the best camera mockups you can use to improve the overall look of your design.

If you are in hurry, Here we mention the top 5 picks from this collection.

Top 5 Camera Mockup Template

Each mockup listed below has a different style & purpose. So, browse carefully and pick your like template to shine your work.

List of The Best Camera Mockups

Below you will find 20+ best camera mockup templates available in 2023. Check out these clean and professionally designed camera mock-ups that have been specifically built for a realistic presentation or showcasing your work in a professional manner.

The collection includes different kinds of mockups ranging from vintage to DSLR, Fuji-film, and other latest design mockups. Simply download them and customize them in a matter of minutes.

Vintage/Retro Instant Camera Mockup

Vintage Instant Camera

When it comes to the success of any design project, presentation plays an important role. And this vintage instant camera mockup help you to achieve the same.

The mockup set consists of 3 unique 4k resolution PSD files at 500x 2800 px dimensions. So, You have three different perspectives to test, preview and present your work in pixel-perfect conditions.

To get instant results, you just need to place your portrait image or artwork via a smart object layer, and you are done!

Likewise, If you wish to change the background, it is possible with this mockup bundle.

This mockup set is ready for all your photography-related design work presention!


Free Vintage Camera – PSD Mockup

Vintage Camera

Presenting and showcasing your photography-related branding or marketing design will greatly benefit from this free vintage camera mockup.

The mockup features a stunning vintage-style camera placed nearby a little box.

There is 1 high-quality PSD file with well-organized layers and smart object features. So, placing your own design on a template looks QUICK and EASY.

What’s more, This mockup template comes with print-ready features.

Use this mockup template for adding a realistic touch to your design presentation right now!


Photorealistic DSLR Camera Mock-Up

DSLR Camera

Are you looking for a mockup template to help you craft a photorealistic presentation for your photography-related work? Then opt for this stunning DSLR camera mock-up.

you can find 3 unique and different PSD files along with the bundle which consists of front, left, and right perspectives.

For your information, All the files are available at 4800×3200 px resolution packed with Smart Objects layers. So, replacing your work looks easy with pixel-perfect outcomes.

Moreover, if you want to turn the screen on or off, it is possible with this mockup set. Also, You can turn off or on light reflections.

Whether you are heading towards presenting your work or photos on a website, showcasing it on a portfolio site like Dribble, Behance, or other promotional activities. This template is an ideal pick.


Clean Digital Camera Mockup

Digital Camera

This is another magnificent camera mockup for presenting or showcasing your work in the best possible light. it is a super simple and convenient solution that surely helps you to impress the client.

The template is available in 1 high-resolution PSD and JPEG file format. It features a beautiful digital camera with realistic settings.

For instant outcome, You just need to replace your photography work via smart object layers, and you are done with outstanding results.

You can consider this mockup template for your online website portfolio, promoting your work on social media and influencer marketing.

Without wasting time go and grab this free mockup to stand out your work.


DSLR Camera Mock-UP

DSLR Camera

If you want to present or showcase your portfolio in a style, then this DSLR camera mock-up will perfect pick for your presentation.

Thanks to Fritz Benning who design this template and you can download this PSD Template for free.

This mockup is available in 2400 x 1800 px resolution with 240 dpi quality.


Vintage Camera Photo Mockup Bundle

Vintage Camera Photo

To separate yourself from the masses and to have a solid and enduring effect on your customers and clients, you can experience this vintage camera photo mockup. It consists of eight high-resolution JPEG photos of different scenes with antique camera equipment which you can use with your work and make it shine. This template is an ideal choice for featured images on your website, advertisements, presentations, and all sorts of other uses. Stand apart from the crowd with a unique, retro style.


DSLR Camera Mockup

DSLR Camera Mockup PSD

This high-quality DSLR camera mockup template came with different style and angle. The PSD file is fully customizable for getting the desired result. Change the background color, the background texture, keep shadows on or off. No need to limit yourself, the options are almost endless.The template contains four different mockups available in 4000×4000 px resolution. You can use this realistic mockup can be used for enhancing your portfolio, to showcase your work, presentation, poster, advertisement, and more. This template can quickly and easily customizable by using smart objects.


DSLR Camera High-Resolution Mock-ups

DSLR Camera

You can present your professional work in unlimited ways. If you are looking to try something unique, you can utilize these realistic, fantastic, and attractive effect DSLR camera Mock-ups.

All you need is to download the mockup, use it with Photoshop and employ the handy smart object layer. This mock-up is available in high resolution to promote your work with DSLR cameras.

You will utilize this for photographers, graphic designers for print templates, web designers for website sliders, bloggers… Easy to add photos in this DSLR mock-up.

High resolution allows you to print your work on billboards.


Vintage Camera Photo Mockup PSD

Vintage Camera

You surely cannot go wrong with the vintage style mockup when in need to present your work in unique way. For designers and photographers to show off their work on Instagram, Pintrest or Tumblr, here is a stunning vintage camera photo mockup to take care of your presentation. You are not far away from bringing into being an exclusive presentation which will play as a magnificent attention grabber.


Realistic DSLR Camera Mock-Ups

Realistic DSLR Camera

This item consist of 3 different styles professional DSLR Camera Mock-Ups to show your photography with very photo realistic and different appearance. Easy to replace photo using smart objects, double-click the Smart Layer, copy & paste your artwork, save, and you’re done!


Logo And Camera Mock up

Logo And Camera

Magic Cinema Camera Mockup

Magic Cinema

Free Photorealistic Camera PSD Mockups

Photorealistic Camera

This awesome free photorealistic camera mockups to showcase your photo.


Photorealistic DSLR Camera Mock Up

Photorealistic DSLR Camer

Photorealistic DSLR Camera Mock Up. – 5 PSD Files High Resosultion 5000×3333px 300dpi – 2 backround included Place your design using Smart Objects(double-click the Smart Object, copy & paste your design, save and all done).


Wedding DSLR Camera Mock-ups

DSLR Camera

Are you trying to showcase or present your weeding related work with DSLR cameras, then this DSLR camera mock-ups will help you to get job done. This template is a perfect choice for photographers, graphics, print templates, web project, slide and blog. The all PSDs are layered and named and can easy edit with the smart object. Just paste your image.


Free DSLR Camera Mockup PSD

Free DSLR Camera

This freebie is a DSLR camera mock up, a useful set to promote your work with DSLR cameras. For photographers, graphics, print templates, web project, slide and blog. All the PSD file are layered and named and can easy edit with the smart object. Just paste your image.


6 Vintage Camera Mockups Bundle

6 Vintage Camera

Beautiful real photo PSD devices Mockups bundle. Extremely easy to place your designs using smart objects, just double-click, copy and paste your design and voilá, you’re done. Real easy to edit. Use the smart layers to place your design.


Camera on A Tripod Mock-up

Camera on A Tripod

Girly Camera Mockup

Girly Camera

Digital Camera Mock-Up

Digital Camera

Realistic Camera Mock Up

Realistic Camera

You can purchase this special and very unique camera mock-up. Perfect for photographers. 3 High-quality PSD files for just $3. Just replace the smart objects with your images. Simply place your logos (also by smart object) and get this awesome effect.


Camera Mock-Up 2

Camera Mock-Up

Best Camera Mockups for Clean Design Presentation

Using a realistic and professional pre-made mockup template for your design project not only enhances their appearance but can also help the client to understand what you are going to deliver.

There are so many different, well-crafted pre-made mockups available for any graphic designer to use. We hope that our list of the ‘best camera mockups for clean design presentation can provide you with some options you might not have considered before and shine your work.

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