28 Best Fashion Brochure Templates & Design 2024

Fashion Brochure Template

Are you looking for the best fashion brochure templates to promote your fashion brand locally?

The best pre-made fashion brochure templates make your promotional material creation process easier than making it from scratch. This promotional material can save your time and don’t need any idea.

It also ensures that the promotional materials you wish to create have the fashion brand’s overall aesthetic. This means you will have ready to go layout that needs to replace with your own content like text, images other essential stuff.

In this post, we share a collection of the best fashion brochure templates to boost your fashion business sale as well as brand awareness.

Is Brochure Marketing Still Useful?

In this digital marketing era, Brochure marketing is still useful for local businesses like fashion, travel, and others.

They are tangible and portable, So people love to carry your business marketing material and make them remember your brand for a long time. Also, if you do the targeted marketing in the right way, Broucher marketing tends to bring more leads or sales to your business.

Moreover, You don’t need to pre-planning to create this kind of marketing material, It just takes 1 or 2 days to execute. In some cases, Photography of actual products takes time.

That being said, let’s look at some of the best fashion brochure templates and designs that can help to advertise your fashion business in a traditional way.

Best Fashion Brochure Templates For Marketing

Here, we’ll dig into 28+ best fashion brochure templates and designs to make your next marketing efforts quick and effective, as well as some templates to give you inspiration on how to design. Let’s get started.

1. Modern Fashion Brochure Template

Modern Fashion Brochure

This is our first resource of fashion brochure templates is an impressive and modern choice. Minimus uses dark tones to draw your audience in. This marketing plan PowerPoint template comes with 36 unique slides. Minius’ editable graphics and charts allow you to share important numbers. Try this download if you want to give a stellar marketing PowerPoint presentation.


2. Fashion Star Trifold Brochure

Fashion Star Trifold

Create an impactful presentation with the Gro marketing plan template PPT. It uses sparse slide elements over white backgrounds that are tied together by different colors. Gro is versatile enough to be used as a content marketing PowerPoint template.

Top features for this marketing strategy PPT template include:

  • four color variations
  • drag and drop image placeholders
  • 36 unique slides
  • editable and resizable graphics
Fashion Trends Trifold Brochure template

Marketing presentations don’t have to be drab and mono-color. The Orange marketing strategy PPT template is a perfect reminder of that. It features fun colors and fonts that are right at home in 2022. There are also device mockups and infographics. Orange comes with 34 customizable slides, letting you create a top marketing presentation PPT.


4. Choice Fashionable Brochure

Whether you belong to a fashion clothing brand, accessories, and just about any fashion, This choice fashionable brochure template makes your promotion stand out. With eight unique pages, you can quickly and effortlessly start the customization process without much stress. Speaking about the design, it will be a breeze for the viewer at first glance. With customizable options like change colors, text & images make your editing process more simple. In just a few clicks you will have a fantastic brochure design ready to stand out in the fashion industry.

The template is available in Indd, AI, and PSD File format for your convenience. As Choice Fashionable has a quality design for the fashion business, it’s also suitable for a range of fashion projects.


5. Fashion Brochure Template

Fashion Brochure Template

If you wish to craft a strong and persuasive brochure with an alluring, proficient appearance for your next fashion project, This is the right fashion brochure template for you. Obviously, you don’t need to be restricted in any way. By the day’s end, it is a fashion brochure template that you can take to your advantage no matter what kind of fashion proposal you plan to design. Even if it is just a startup business, you can use that, too.

This template gives you 3 color version to craft a stunning brochure design. Also, you will get more than eight pages to introduce your fashion company. This is an ideal pick to show the process used to implement the project, what steps you will take to manage the project, and the resources you will need.


6. Fashionable – Brochure Template

Fashionable - Brochure Template

Simple to very elegant, Fashionable is a fashion brochure template to hammer out a neat and pliable business introduction. With its minimal design, you will hook potential clients and have them judge the quality and standard of your company offers.

Along with eight easy to customize pages, Fashionable has the potential to stick viewer by the end. Also, you can use this template for other kinds of business promotion.


7. 8 Fashion Brochure Templates

8 Fashion Brochure Template

When presenting marketing data, you’ll want well-crafted infographics. Thankfully, the Flatz marketing strategy PowerPoint template has everything you need. All the slides are professionally animated and are easily edited. The data charts in this marketing presentation PPT are also editable in Excel.


8. Square Trifold Fashion Brochure

Square Trifold Fashion Brochure

Don’t use a free marketing plan PowerPoint template with a dull design. You’ll want a bold marketing PowerPoint template like Damei instead.

This marketing presentation PPT template slide designs have a chic layout for presenting your ideas. It’s the ideal creative slideshow template for a marketing plan presentation.


9. Clean Fashion Lookbook

Clean Fashion Lookbook

Ads are a nice choice for a marketing strategy PPT template. There are 40 unique slides included with this file download. Ads slides are divided into a few different categories, like:

  • about us
  • services
  • device mockups
  • portfolio and gallery
  • features

It’s a well-designed choice for a marketing plan PowerPoint template.


10. Fashion Shop Brochure Bifold

Fashion Shop Brochure Bifold

If you’re looking for the newest marketing PPT templates, DigiBrand is for you. This marketing campaign template PPT has everything you need for your next presentation.

With its minimalist and modern design, this marketing plan template PPT will impress your audience. You’ll get:

  • 30 unique slides
  • modern layouts based on master slides
  • used and recommended free web fonts
  • vector icons 100% fully editable
  • aspect ratio 16:9

When you want to present social media strategy, DigiBrand is a top marketing presentation example.


11. Fashion Trifold Brochure

Fashion Trifold Brochure

This marketing strategy template PPT stands out with its clean design and great graphics.

With 204 unique slides, this is a complete marketing presentation PPT. You’ll also get seven clean themes, 1000+ vector icons and useful infographics. Try it for your next marketing PowerPoint presentation!


12. Fashion Brochure Template 3 Fresh Color

Fashion Brochure Template 3 Fresh Color

The Justice Creative template has a bold and modern design. You’ll find drag and drop image placeholders. Easily change the colors and fonts to match your branding. The marketing plan PowerPoint template has a variety of slides based on masters. It also has charts and graphs to present your data in an appealing way.


13. Urban Style Fashion Brochure

Urban Style Fashion Brochure

Consider this marketing presentation template for a simple, yet effective template. The template has 11 color variations and a plethora of infographic elements. So, it’s perfect for presenting data. The marketing plan PowerPoint template is in widescreen resolution and includes 35 unique slides.


14. Fashionable Brochure Template

Fashionable Brochure Template

This marketing presentation PPT is a good choice for any marketing firm that needs to design slideshows. It’s got a simple and versatile design with 30 unique slides based on master slides. The marketing presentation PPT was designed in widescreen resolution. This is better than a free digital marketing plan template PPT.


15. Fashion Magazine Brochure Template

Fashion Magazine Brochure Template

The Socialina template is a great choice if you want to design and present a social media marketing plan. The marketing strategy template PPT has a modern design that’s easy to customize. You’ll find 30 premade slides and image placeholders so you can easily add your own images. Socialina is a top marketing presentation example.


16. Square Tri-Fold Fashion Brochure

Square Tri-Fold Fashion Brochure

A free digital marketing plan template PPT can’t beat our newest items. This marketing strategy template PPT will make your presentation a success.

You’ll get 34 unique slides especially designed for marketing PowerPoint presentations. All graphics are resizable and editable. This marketing plan template PPT is ready for you to use!


17. Modern Fashion 16-Page Brochure

Modern Fashion 16 Page Brochure

This marketing strategy template PPT is one of our newest items. A free digital marketing plan template PPT can’t compete with this.

You’ll get 300 unique slides, 90 color themes and 3000+ vector icons. And if you want to make the most of this marketing plan PPT template, customize the vector art on Photoshop or Illustrator.

The marketing campaign template PPT is drag and drop ready. Try it today!


18. Fashion Photography Catalog Brochure

Fashion Photography Catalog Brochure

Are you looking for a complete marketing strategy template PPT? This is for you. This professional marketing PowerPoint presentation was designed for entrepreneurs. See what you’ll get:

  • 217 unique slides
  • two aspect ratios (4:3 and 16:9)
  • 5 premade colors and 90 Color themes
  • 5500+ vector icons
  • drag and drop ready
  • free updates

Here’s what our customers have to say about this marketing plan PPT presentation template.


19. Fashion Shop Brochure Trifold

Fashion Shop Brochure Trifold

Here’s a special marketing PowerPoint template. Not only is it perfect for sharing market research, it does it in style. The fashionable slides feature modern layouts that you can tweak. This Blanc marketing presentation example for PowerPoint also has resizable graphics.


20. Universal Fashion Brochure

Universal Fashion Brochure

This marketing strategy PowerPoint template has over 300 unique slides. But that’s not where the customization possibilities end. This marketing PPT template also features:

  • animated elements and slides
  • unlimited color schemes
  • dark and light backgrounds
  • drag and drop image placeholders

21. Fashion Product Brochure Catalog

Fashion Product Brochure Catalog

When you’re choosing a marketing plan template PPT, going with a vibrant choice isn’t a bad idea. That’s where Voltooi comes in. It has everything needed to make a stunning marketing PowerPoint. Each of the 36 slides have contemporary layouts. The marketing presentation example is editable, so you change everything from colors to fonts.


22. Modern And Simple Fashion Brochure

A Fashion Brochure

If you are going to design your next fashion brochure with a minimalistic approach, you’ll love to do it with this modern and simple fashion brochure template. Packed with 20-plus pages that give you the opportunity to showcase more product or service details in a pleasant manner. The template seems more effortlessly editable with its drag and drop feters. Graphics are resizable and editing each slide can be done in a few clicks. It’s an easy-to-use marketing presentation example.


23. Fashion Designer Brochure Trifold

Fashion Designer Brochure Trifold

Our next entry is an exclusive solution for fashion designers to promote their products and services effectively. It’s packed with over 4 trifold brochure templates, Each one is available in differnt sizes. When you think clean and professional appearance then this template never fails to fulfill your needs. With Both US Letter and EU A4 trifold formats, You will have a chance to craft your promotional material in two differnt versions.


24. Novita – Elegant Fashion Brochure 12 pages

Novita - Elegant Fashion Brochure 12 pages

Craft an effective fashion brochure design from Novita. With this download, you’ll get more than 12 professionally-made pages that you can quickly and effortlessly customize. You can also find this template beneficial for businesses, corporate, hair salons, and many similar reasons.

Not only does this marketing strategy PPT template look good, but it also has nice features. It includes:

  • Clean, stylish, and modern Layouts
  • Paragraph styles.
  • Available in INDD file format at a size of A4 (8.27×11.69).
  • Print-ready features with bleed options.

25. Minimal Fashion Trifold Brochure Template

This freebie has everything you need to present with confidence. That’s because of its stylistic look and minimal appearance. You can craft a professional-looking Trifold Brochure with the help of Adobe -Illustrator. You will receive this template in three different file formats AI, EPS, and JPG.


26. Fashion Shop Brochure Trifold Template

Fashion Shop Brochure Trifold Template

If you are looking for a tri-fold brochure template for promoting your fashion shop details. Then opt for this clean, modern, and high-quality fashion shop brochure Trifold Template. This download comes with 4 trifold brochures that are easy to use. You can also consider this template for different businesses such as corporate, clothing shops, and many similar reasons. Try it out if you want to make your fashion brand marketing efforts successful.


27. 32 Fashion Brochure

32 Fashion Brochure

Are you looking for a minimalistic brochure template for your fashion brand marketing? This set of fashion brochure templates will help you make your marketing efforts stand out. Some important qualities of this fashion brochure template are:

  • Packed with 32 plus unique pages.
  • You can easily replace your images, customize the design and color as per your need.
  • It offers layers and smart objects in a very well-organized and structured manner.
  • Automatic page numbering.
  • Aligned to a Column and Grid.
  • Images, Text, and Background on separate layers.
  • Friendly support from the author.

It’s the perfect brochure template for fashion or photography businesses.


28. Beautiful Fashion Brochure

Beautiful Fashion Brochure

This cool and beautiful fashion brochure template is an effective pick for a 2023 promotional strategy loaded with features like:

  • Fashionable, trendy, clean, elegant, and professional design layout.
  • 22 pre-made unique layouts with master pages.
  • For your convenience, There is an automatic page numbering system.
  • From text to graphic elements, images are easily customizable
  • Importantly the typeface used in this template is free.

If you like the default look, just replace your content, and you are done with outstanding results. Also, You can mix and match things and design it according to your test. It is also suitable for design agencies, photography, art, social, humanity events, and businesses.


Best Fashion Brochure Templates

If you want to create a high-quality and attractive fashion brochure design within the minimum timeframe, it’s better to go with the above pre-made brochure templates.

Based on your project needs, you can choose the right one that will suit your marketing plans. The fashion brochure templates mentioned here will be a good fit for beginners to professionals.

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