15 Best Kiosk Mockup Templates For Outdoor ADs 2023

Kiosk Mockups

Are you looking for the best kiosk mockup templates to showcase or present your outdoor promotional design?

With stiff competition in the design industry, You should always need to come up with a design presentation that is long-lasting. And there’s a high chance that your design will approve at first glance. Mockups are great presentation tools for designers that offer pre-made realistic settings.

For this post, We have shared a list of the best Kiosk Mockups that help you to stand out your design presentation. 😎

Increase your chance to get the design approved

As a creative designer, Getting design approval from clients can be the hard part of any design project’s success. You need to ensure that your design work is up to the client’s expectations and project requirements.

And that’s where a professionally pre-made mockup template comes into the picture. Using mockups for your design presentation can instantly impress the client at first glance and approved your design work without wasting time.

Helps you to make it perfect

Not only mockups help you to get instant approval but also help you to make your design accurate. You can preview, test, and evaluate your design in real-life settings and make sure there is any changes or enhancements will be needed to craft a perfect design.

Gives confidence and enhances your professionalism

There’s no better feeling than presenting your design with confidence. You can confidently present or showcase your design with the help of a mockup template. Also, It helps you to enhance your professionalism in the mind of potential clients who work with you for a longer time.

With that being said, let’s jump into the list of the best Kiosk Mockups available in 2023.

Collection of The Best Kiosk Mockups

Here we have a hand-picked collection of the 13+ best kiosk mockup templates that you can use for presenting your designs to clients. Download any of the following Kiosk mockups for any sort of outdoor promotional presentation. So look through everyone and pick the best mockup that will match your design presentation goals.

Advertising Kiosk Mockup

Advertising Kiosk

If one of your biggest concerns with choosing the perfect kiosk mockup is finding a photo-realistic scene, This advertising kiosk mockup won’t let you down.

This high-resolution, effective kiosk mockup comes with a layered PSD file at 3600×2200 px dimensions, making it an ideal choice for almost any outdoor marketing designer.

The template has an easy to customize options with smart object layers, editable backgrounds, and well-organized layers. You can craft your design presentation that never fails to impress.

If you find any trouble while customizing or editing the template, There is a PDF Instructions file to sort out your problem.

When it comes to photo-realistic appearance, This mock-up is hard to beat. We highly recommend checking it out.


Digital Kiosk Mockup – Half-Side View

Digital Kiosk Mockup

If you’re working or have done your digital advertising design and looking for a unique and effective kiosk mockup, Then this mockup template is worth considering.

The template consists of 1 high-resolution PSD mockup at 4000 x 4000 px size. You just need to import it into Adobe Photoshop and quickly replace your design via smart object layers to get an outstanding result.

Likewise, If need to apply your liked colors, It is possible with this template to change the colors in different parts separately.

You can use this stylish, effective template for everything street advertising from digital lightbox banners to posters. It offers a realistic setting that easily helps you to convert your flat design into a realistic one.

If a highly useful, intuitive, and designer-friendly mockup template is what you’re looking for and brings a lot to the table.


Set Outdoor Kiosk Advertisement Mockup

Set Outdoor Kiosk

Are you looking for a presentation tool that helps you to showcase or present your billboard poster design in a realistic style? Then opt for this amazing set of outdoor kiosk advertisement mockups.

The template offers you two different styles of lightbox advertising banners in PSD file formats. For your information, The template is available in the size of 3500 x 3500 px.

Whether you want to replace your design work (there are smart object features), change the colors (there are editable color options), or need to find the correct route (organized and named layers), This template helps you to do all work QUICKLY and EFFORTLESSLY.

If you want a mockup template that is easy to use but that comes with clean, premium quality, and realistic settings, This outdoor kiosk advertisement mockup is a strong contender.


Outdoor Kiosk Advertisement Mockup

Outdoor Kiosk Advertisement

When selecting a mockup template for your next street advertising design presentation, it’s important to consider both appearance and realism. This outdoor kiosk advertisement mockup offers the best of both worlds.

This Isolated mockup template is fully editable, offers a clean environment, and highly attractive signboard design. Its professional and stunning design lets you easily showcase your products in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

The template is packed with 1 high-resolution PSD file at 4500 x 4000 px dimensions. Also, Well organized folders and named layers will make your editing path-finding journey QUICK and EASY.

You will also find smart object features for instant design replacement. Moreover, If you wish to edit the colors according to your test, You are freely allowed to do it.

The mockup is a beneficial presentation tool for design like advertising billboards, lightbox outdoor posters, kiosk banners, and other kinds of street marketing design.


Kiosk Advertisement Mockup

Kiosk Advertisement

When presenting or showcasing outdoor advertising, a mockup template such as this can help a lot because it provides a realistic environment and a professional look.

This mockup features a beautiful Kiosk Lightbox banner in the side view and is available in PSD file format at 3500 x 3500 px with 300 PPI quality.

With its organized and named layers, fully customizable options, and mainly smart object features, You can craft your next design presentation hassle-free manner.

Moreover, If you wish to change the background color, It is possible with this mockup template.

You can consider this template for presentation work like advertising, billboard, lightbox, outdoor marketing, posters, street banner, and similar reasons.

Shine your next outdoor promotional design with this mockup template right now!


Barcelona Kiosk Advertising

Barcelona Kiosk Advertising

Kiosk posters for advertising. 3 views. Editable PSD.


Information Kiosk Mockup

Information Kiosk


Information Kiosk Mockup PSD

Information Kiosk Mockup PSD

If you’re looking for a way to present your design project with a Kiosk display, you can pick this Kiosk information mockup. This mockup template is an ideal solution for professional usage, very detailed, and great for designers.

Great for web design, landing pages, app, and mobile design. Handy for professional commercials and also freelance or even personal presentations. This mockup template is a must for designers, entrepreneurs, startups, and students. The template is available in 4500 x 3000 px high resolution with layered PSD files. The devices are made in high resolution and high quality which means you can use it for any kind of work.


Telephone And information Kiosk Mockup

Telephone And information Kiosk

The kiosk is undeniably one of the most popular and effective marketing tools to provide information and generate orders from an end-user. Aside from that, its cost-effectiveness makes it a wonderful tool for promoting your brand. No wonder why it has now become a popular choice among business owners. If you are working on promotional design, you can utilize this telephone and information kiosk mockup to present it. This mockup comes with one PSD file.


Kiosk Mockup

Kiosk Mockup

This professional-looking and realistic Kiosk mockup, you can use for shop presentation design and product mockups, regardless of the type of your project – personal or commercial. The .psd file is easily editable through smart objects and includes a realistic depth of field.


Stand Booth Stall kiosk. Mock-up

Stand Booth Stall kiosk


Information Kiosk, POS POI Terminal

Information Kiosk,


Kiosk Touch Screen Mockup

Kiosk Touch Screen


Envision Charlotte Kiosk Mockup

Envision Charlotte Kiosk


Trade Show Booth Display

Trade Show Booth Display

Business entrepreneurs never miss the opportunity to advertise their businesses. And Trade shows are exceptionally recommended for better advertising, particularly at an expo where you can achieve a great amount of target crowd; you can talk to them face-to-face and draw them to your platform for details. The designers can place their client’s element into this mockup to show them how their products/brand or stuff will look on the trade booth at the expo. To present trade booth display designs in a realistic manner, here is a booth display stand mockup template ideal for you. To achieve a photo-realistic presentation of your design, you just need to insert your own elements and it’s done. The template is available in 2000 x 3500 px size with smart object insertion option.


Best Kiosk Mockups for Advertising, Branding, and Promotional Design

In order to achieve a realistic and professional look for your outdoor marketing design presentation, you should rely on clean and attractive kiosk mockups like the collection above.

There is a multitude of well-designed kiosk mockups, but I hope this best hand-picked collection will inspire you in the process of advertising, branding, and promotional design presentation.

What are your favorite kiosk mockups for design presentations?

Let us know in the comments below.

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