25 Best Leggings Mockup for Graphic Designs 2022

Leggings Mockup

If you’re crafting a beautiful leggings design for yourself or a client’s purposes, a professional leggings mockup is a great choice for presenting or showcasing your design work with style.

We all have a specific choice of clothing. But when it comes to women’s clothing, Leggings are getting kind of attention in fashion circles in the past decade. And Designers also follow the trends by designing unique and attractive Leggings for pretty women.

In this post, we’re featuring some of the best leggings mockups you can use in not only the presentation but in previewing your design to remove flaws as well.

Leggings are comfortable to wear for different occasions. These leggings are popular apparel for women, especially in workouts, sports, yoga, or fitness activities. Accordingly, fitness trainers, most women love to wear this type of clothing while in fitness sessions.

So, Here are some reasons why Leggings becomes so popular these days:

  • They are much more comfortable with modern clothing materials.
  • You can find leggings useful to safely sculpt your figure.
  • Now with the modern styles of leggings, You can get acceptance to use in the workplace.
  • They are extremely versatile garments to own.

With its popularity and neediness, Many clothing brands find this type of clothing wear a profitable business.

What is Leggings Mockup?

A leggings mockup is a tool in the hand of designers that offers the power to achieve your Leggings design presentation goals. But it’s not just about the design presentation, It also helps you to make your design most accurate by testing, previewing, and evaluating your design in real life environment.

Not convinced? Here are some advantages of using Leggings Mockup for your upcoming or ongoing design project:

  • Enhance Overall Design Appearance: Pre-made Leggings Mockup will offer you phot-realistic settings to put your design and enhance its appearance with a professional touch.
  • Save Time: Crating your design presentation from scratch takes a lot of time as well as energy, If you have the right mockup to showcase or present your leggings design, Then it can save both efforts.
  • Make First Impression Positive: When you use a professional Leggings mockup for presentation, The client will impress at first glance and approve your work instantly.

So, if you’re in a clothing business that wants to present adorable and fashionable leggings designs, you must see this collection of leggings mockups.

List of The Best Leggings Mockup Templates

Here, we have gathered a list of 25+ best leggings mockups available in the free and premium versions. These mockups are helpful for your promotional presentation, website showcase or just to impress your client. So, better see this list before you finalize your designs.

Leggings Mock-Up Gym Style

Leggings Gym Style

This professional-looking, clean, and effective Leggings Mock-Up set is an ideal pick for your next gym branding or marketing purpose.

The template comes with 14 differnt mockups featuring a model working out in the gym with different poses and is available in 5000×3335 px size. So, having more options is always beneficial and this mockup set has unique ones.

You will find this template very easy to use with its smart object feature and well-organized layer. You can quickly find the editing path as well as replace your design.

The mockup bundle is the perfect solution for design presentations like leggings, pants, sports or gym sportswear, yoga promotion, apparel, jogging, fitness, and the same intentions.

If you want a versatile, professional leggings mock-up, This mockup set is worth a look.


Photo-Realistic Leggings Plus Size Mockup

Leggings Plus Size

Are you searching for a puls-size leggings mockup to showcase or present your design in a realistic style? Then opt for these awesome leggings plus size mockups.

The template set features more than 7 plus different mockup scenes to test, preview and present your design work. For your information, Each mockup is available in 6000 x 4500 px (4k) high-resolution size.

This mockup template is equipped with 3D layers (require min. Photoshop CC 2015 – max. Photoshop version 22.2) for changing the leggings design and well-organized layers for understanding the better paths for editing.

Additionally, If you need to change the background color according to your test, It is possible with this mockup bundle.

This template may not be the best option if you’re looking for a normal-size of leggings design presentation. However, it’s perfectly suitable if you need a plus-size solution.


Female Model With Water Bottle – Leggings Mockups

Female Model With Water Bottle - A Leggings Mockup

Every type of design success relies on many factors like the use of perfect typography, color combinations, and much more. But, the presentation of your design is a key role in success.

If you are working on a Leggings design, Then this free legging mockup will help you to achieve a pro-like design presentation. it features a beautiful female model wearing leggings and holding a water bottle.

For instant outcomes, You just need to replace your design via smart object layers, and you are done with realistic results in no time.

This template is an ideal choice for sports clothes shops, sports club promotions, fitness, aerobics, yoga classes announcement, and many similar reasons.

Craft a design presentation that instantly impresses the client or viewers with this stunning freebie.


Sporty Leggings MockUp

Leggings Sport Style

This is a clean, attractive, and effective presentation tool for your leggings design presentation. This template is an excellent choice if you want to apply a realistic look to your project

The mockup set comes with more than 16 plus unique PSD files with different poses of the female model and each of the templates is available in 3200×2135 px size. Whatever type of your project is light or dark, this template suits any condition.

With its easy-to-navigate, named layers and smart object features, You will find this mockup bundle very easy to edit and replace your design. Likewise, If you wish to change left leg, right leg, belt, or top, You are freely allowed to do it.

You can consider this mockup set for presenting a design presentation for yoga branding, sportswear marketing or just showcasing your leggings design or e-commerce website for sales purposes.

If you are goal is about making a unique and awesome design presentation for your clothing design. This mockup is a perfect fit for your project.


Capri Leggings Mockup Set

Capri Leggings Set

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use, professionally-designed leggings mockup for your next leggings project, This set of Capri leggings mock-ups brings a lot to the table.

The template comes with 5 PSD files at the size of 6000×4500 px. So, You have 5 different settings to test, preview and present your design in pixel perfect manner.

This is a fully editable and well-organized option that makes editing and customizing your design presentation a breeze. For default presentation, You just need to replace your design via smart object layers.

Additionally, If you need to change stitch, sneakers, or background color. It is possible with this template.

Whether you wish to showcase your fabric texture design on leggings or present sport, yoga, sneakers, label, or print design on leggings. This mockup set helps you a lot.

Shine your design appearance with this amazing mockup bundle right now!


Leggings and Hoodie Mock-Up Set

Leggings and Hoodie

Leggings and Tank-Top Mock-Up Set

Leggings and Tank-Top

100 Leggings Mock-Up Set

100 Leggings

Whether you are a clothing brand that offers all kinds of leggings or you are just expanding your goods with a fresh new Leggings design, you came to the right place. We have all sorts of different mockup templates here for you to present your leggings designs in the best possible light. This mockup set is packed with more than 100 leggings designs in one product with a separate background. For the desired result, you simply replace your own design using smart objects, double-click the Smart Layer, copy & paste your artwork, save and you’re done. You can grab this template in the size of 5000×3333 px High resolution.


Sports Leggings Mockups

Sports Leggings

As a startup leggings brand, you should come with a professional and eye-catching Leggings design presentation. To do that, here is a sports leggings Mockup that we hand-collected for you and enjoy the photo-realistic result. You can use this template for your clothing product promotion or sports branding purpose. This high-resolution mockup template is very easy to use with Smart-Objects. Moreover, you can also change the color according to your test.


Leggings Mock-Up’s Street Style

Leggings Street Style

Leggings Mock-Up

Leggings Mock-Up

Leggings Mockup PSD Free

Leggings Free

When it came to the comfiest wear, Leggings are essential apparel for women! As it provides complete flexibility, many women find it a must-have. So, if you or your client are in the clothing industry, you must craft seamless designs of leggings to stand out your brand. If you wish to preview or present your designs well, you need to look at this free Leggings PSD Mockup. It features on a female statue wearing the leggings, this mockup helps you to transform your normal design presentation into a realistic one. It comes with fully editable layered PSD that lets you customize the interface of your product according to your needs. The template is available in 5000×4000 px high resolution. Specifically, you can change the background color and design as per your project requirement and integrate your designs with ease via smart object.


Leggings Mock-Up Sports Girl

Leggings Sports Girl

Sports activities can be challenging for many women, so the last thing you need is distracting, uncomfortable clothing that restricts your movements or doesn’t stay in place. Whether you love to run, workout or any other sports activities, you’ll have leggings to fit well, feel comfy, and hold up to lots of use. If you’re looking for a leggings mock-up for sport cloth brand, you can use this leggings mockup. It features a sports girl wearing different color leggings with eight unique template Files. The template comes with 5000×3333 px size and available in organized layers.


Leggings MockUp PSD

Leggings MockUp

Leggings are an essential wardrobe for women, as it provides soft, matte feel. Moreover, it provides maximum comfort and support when doing different types of athletics activities and also stylish enough to be worn elsewhere after a good workout session. If you’re a designer working on leggings design, this mockup is the perfect solution for your design presentation! Here’s a stunning leggings mock-up that you can utilize for your personal or commercial projects. It contains one layered PSD files with a front view, which you can use to showcase your patterns in a realistic manner. Apparently, you can change the background of the mockup and replace your own designs into the front surface via smart object. You can grab this freebie in 2200×2200 px size.


Leggings Mock-Up 2018 #3

Leggings Mock-Up

In today’s fast-moving world, we do various types of activities such as boxing, yoga, weight training, or running to stay fit and healthy. But, for women to do these activities needs comfortable wear. As we know, leggings are the most popular comfortable wear that not only feel like a second skin but also provide support for your muscles. Well, no wonder why there are a lot of clothing brands that offer leggings. If you want to make your leggings presentation stand out, you can pick this set of leggings Mockups. This mockup features a nineteen different template with organized Layers. Basically, it has smart objects and awesome color customization options. The template is available in 4000×2667 px high resolution.


Leggings Mock-Up Bundle

Leggings Mock-Up

If you still need greater options for choosing the best clothing mockups for your business, you should pick this premium one that is ready to fill your requirements. Here’s a bundle of leggings mock-up that you can use for designing your leggings for women and will add life to your designs. With this versatile, premium mockup, you can have endless possibilities.


Leggings Mock-Up Vol.2 2017

Leggings Mock-Up

Easy to place your designs using smart objects, double-click the Smart Layer, copy & paste your artwork, save and you’re done!


Leggings Mock-Up

Leggings Mock-Up

Leggings Long Mockup Set

Leggings Long

Leggins long template – layered, editable psd file prepared to showcase your custom design, by simply editinng the smart object and color layers.


Leggings Short Mockup Set

Leggings Short

Leggins short template – layered, editable psd file prepared to showcase your custom design, by simply editinng the smart object and color layers.


Three Girls Leggings Mock-Up Set

Three Girls Leggings

Easy to place your designs using smart objects, double-click the Smart Layer, copy & paste your artwork, save and you’re done!


100 Leggings Mock-Up #20

100 Leggings

We represent you our new project! This mock-up includes 100 psd files with different models and backgrounds! Easy to place your designs using smart objects, double-click the Smart Layer, copy & paste your artwork, save and you’re done!


Leggings 2 Mockup Set

Leggings 2 Mockup

Leggins 2 template – layered, editable psd file prepared to showcase your custom design, by simply editinng the smart object and color layers.


Capri Leggings Mock-up

Capri Leggings

This product is compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended, CS6 Extended and later. Please make sure you Photoshop version contains 3D tools.


Leggings Yoga Mock-up

Leggings Yoga

3D Leggings 2 Mockup Set

3D Leggings

This photorealistic Leggings Mockup will let you showcase your designs in a photorealistic way.


3D Leggings Mock-Up

3D Leggings

This product is compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended, CS5 Extended, CS6 Extended, and later. Please make sure your Photoshop version contains 3D tools.


25+ Best Leggings Mockups for Clothing Branding

The advantage of using leggings mock-ups is that you can use them to add realisticness as well as professionalism to your design appearance. You can also find these tools help to improve your design look.

With one of the templates above, We are sure you can definitely craft a design presentation that never fails to impress at first glance.

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