8+ Amazing Mickey Mouse Fonts 2019

18In every graphic or web design project, choosing the right pairing font is essential task, but searching for one can be a pain. Scrolling through thousands of seemingly similar fonts only to find the one you want costs a small fortune can be a frustrating experience.

Since the launch of Mickey Mouse comic book series, we have seen a lot of designer used Mickey Mouse theme fonts on various design projects. Unlike most other types of fonts, a Mickey Mouse font is easily recognizable and looks like hand lettered. These fonts are widely used to create attractive posters, gaming projects or any kids related design projects. They are also referred to as Disney Fonts.

For this collection, we gathered 8+ amazing mickey mouse fonts you can use to make your design project look cooler. Take a look and see if you can find a Mickey Mouse font that suits your project.

Waltograph Font



Mouse Memoirs Pro

Mouse Memoirs

Mouse Memoirs Pro was inspired by vintage Mickey Mouse, Beagle Boys, and Uncle Scrooge comic books put out by Walt Disney in the 50’s and 60’s. The chipper letterforms to engage the audience, while the SmallCaps and extensive figure sets expand the scope of use.

Price :$29


Minnie & Mickey Font

Mickey Font

If you are looking for a font to use on your kids related design projects, then for sure you will find this font to be the perfect one. It features bold design and useful for poster, flyers and logo design projects.


Mickey Font


A bold 3D type Mickey Mouse font featuring all uppercase letters and numbers only. Although it does not have any punctuation signs, it is a very useful font to be used on headers.


Wicked Mouse Font

Wicked Mouse

Wicked Mouse is a playful display font that captures the magic of cartoons from a distant era. Basic latin, punctuation, extended latin, and diacritics are included in the full versions. Lowercase characters differ slightly in variation and rotation in the regular version while they mirror their uppercase counterparts in the 3D one.


Mouse Memoirs Font

Mouse Memoir


Walter Font



Mickey Ears Font

Mickey Ears Font


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