14 Best Passport Mockup Templates 2024

Passport Mockups

Are you ready to explore our exclusive hand-picked list of the best passport mockup templates?

And boost your design presentation, enhance your professionalism in front of potential clients, and easily evaluate your passport-related designs.

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Passport mockups are a helpful tool for designers to test things before it goes for printing or it makes sure your client gets what you are going to offer in real-life settings.

All in all, Pre-made free or premium passport mockup templates are good solutions that you can customize (everything!) to suit your design presentation needs.

Without thinking so much, Let’s, explore!

List of The Best Passport Mockup Templates

Here we have a collection of 14+ best passport mockup templates available in 2024. These mockup templates are ideal for traveling-related branding design presentations or excessively for passport design showcasing. You can use these mockups for any kind of reason, depending on the requirements.

So, look at the best passport mockup templates and choose the ones that suit your design presentation needs.

1. Passport Document Mockup

Passport Document Mockup

Here’s a simple yet effective passport mockup, Featuring a floating passport document design for a realistic and professional design presentation.

Specifically, This mock-up template offers you 3 unique views for presenting, testing and evaluating your design from different angles.

Moreover, Your own design replacement seems more quick and easy via smart object layers. With 4000 × 4000 px quality, You never fail to achieve a pixel-perfect outcome.

You can consider this mockup for labels, badges, passport related paper design work presentations. Also, You will find this tool beneficial for testing things before finalizing the printing,

So, without wasting time go and grab this premium solution for making a first impression positive.


2. Passport And Boarding Pass Mockup

Passport And Boarding Pass Mockup

If you’re working on a passport design project, This presentation tool could be a great option for you. The template is made with a real photograph that delivers a photo-realistic result. You just need to replace your design via smart-object layers to get an amazing result. It is easy to use a template so it’s speedy and efficient for your passport design presentation needs. There is no quality issue Because it is available at 5000 x 5000px with 300 DPI.

Key Takeaways:

  • Created for the presentation of passports, tickets, or boarding passes.
  • High-resolution Photoshop PSD file.
  • Offers instant support and lifetime update.

3. Passport Booklet Mockups

Passport Booklet Mockups

This is another passport mockup template that features a beautiful passport design placed on the stairs. The template offers you 5 high-quality PSD mockups to test, preview and present your artwork in plenty of ways. With this mockup set, You can confidently present or showcase your passport or booklet design in the most professional manner.

Key Takeaways:

  • Offers well-organized layers and folders.
  • You can customize the effects and adjust the background according to your needs.
  • 3500×2300 px dimensions for the pixel-perfect outcome.

4. Biometric Passport Mockups Realistic Set

Vintage Biometric Passport Mockups Realistic Set EPS

If you are searching for something unique, especially passport-related, this passport mockup might spark your interest. It is a realistic and professional template of biometric international passports, featuring open and closed forms. You can freely be allowed to change the color of the passport cover. There is also an option to go with the open or closed version of the passport (or both!). Just search for the smart object layer, double-click on it, copy and paste your creation and that’s it. Quick and effortless work for outstanding results – enjoy the mockup.

Key Takeaways:

  • It is realistic appearance is beneficial for professional presentation.
  • Available in JPG Image and Vector EPS file format.

5. Woman Hand holding Passport Book Mockup

Women Hand holding Passport Layered PSD with smart object insertion

If you wish to present your passport design in a straightforward way, you probably pick this woman holding the passport book in the hand Mockup. The mockup is packed with fully layered PSD with smart object insertion, So you need to replace your design and get your desired results within a snap.

Key Takeaways:

  • Fully layered PSD file with smart object features.
  • Photo-realistic appearance.
  • Available for free for personal use.

6. Realistic International Passport Set

Realistic International Passport Set

7. Leather Passport Cover Mockup

Leather Passport Cover Mockup

An amazing set of passport cover mockups for you to customize your passport cover with any design and background. With the eight high-resolution mockups, you can establish a striking presentation of your passport cover. You can edit the template passport cover color and design however you like, change inner leather colors, and much more. The template is available in 9000×5500 px very high-resolution size. With the use of smart object layers, you can effortlessly insert your designs and art and see it appear on the mockup of choice in a just few clicks.

Key Takeaways:

  • The passport cover color and design are editable.
  • You can adjust separated objects, highlights, and shadows for realistic results.
  • Video instruction included.

8. Leather Passport Holder Mockup

Leather Passport Holder Mockup

Are you on the hunt for a leather passport holder mockup? Then your search ends here. Use this high-quality PSD template to make a design presentation stand out. It features a leather front cover with heat transfer dye sublimation printing.

The template comes with four different views with easy to use smart layer. You will get this mockup in a dimension of 3000×3000 size for pixel-perfect results.

Key Takeaways:

  • Easy to use smart layer for instant design replacement.
  • 4 Angles to test, preview, and present your design.
  • Close-up views.

9. Passport 10 Free PSD Mockups

Set of 10 Passport PSD Mockups On Wood

It is always beneficial to use a mockup when coming up with a design for a passport, or just about anything else. This way, you can ensure the final outcome looks as realistic as possible. Thankfully, we have a broad selection of goodies here that you can take to your total advantage. Here is a realistic passport mockup template that offers ten high-resolution PSD files. The passport design is featured on a wooden texture with 10 photo color presets. By using this template, The final result is just a few clicks away, readily available to share with your client or your customers.

Key Takeaways:

  • It is available at no cost but the quality is likely premium.
  • 4000×3200 px resolution for a quality outcome.
  • Easy to use with all the objects are seprated.

10. Passport Mockup

Passport Mockup

One of the important things to consider in improving your Passport design is elements. Always choose the right fonts, colors, and logo for your Passport. This photorealistic download Passport mockup is ideal to use for the presentation of your Passport designs. The mockup contains 1 Photoshop file. All of these come with the smart object so inserting your logo and content will be much easy and fast too.

Key Takeaways:

  • Very easy to use even a beginner is also familiar.
  • Available in High resolution of 2950×2094 px at 72 dpi.
  • Photo-realistic outcome.

11. Passport Booklet Photo Realistic MockUp

Passport Booklet Photo Realistic MockUp

Here are top-quality and photo-realistic passport and booklet mockups that seamlessly help you to showcase or present your design. It’s packed with 4 high-resolution PSD mockups and each one is available in more than 5400×3600 px dimensions. You will find this presentation tool a great option to impress the client.

Key Takeaways:

  • It offers a minimalist background for a professional outcome (also you can add your own).
  • Well-named and organized layers.
  • HELP guide.

12. Booklet Passport Print MockUp

Booklet Passport Print MockUp

If you are searching for a clean and effective passport mockup, Then you should consider this set of passport mock-ups. The template features a passport-type booklet mock-up and boarding pass ticket in close-up shots. You will receive this mockup set in 5400×3600 px size with 300 DPI quality. Moreover, If you wish to add a background color or image according to your need, Then it is possible with this template.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ideal for events, invitations, and destination parties.
  • Offers Editable smart objects and fully named & layered features.
  • You will also get a HELP guide inside the layers window.

13. Passport Cover Mock-Up

Passport Cover Mock-Up

Using the pre-made mockup template to present your passport design is a great idea. This passport cover mockup features 7 photorealistic mock-ups with fully editable via smart objects. The intensity control options will allow you to adjust the shadows, lights, and reflections. Additionally, if you wish to change the background, You are freely allowed to do.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ideal for travel-related branding or marketing projects.
  • Available at 3500×2500 px dimensions for the pixel-perfect outcome.
  • PDF help file is there if you have any trouble while customizing.

14. Photorealistic Passport Mockup Vol.2

Photorealistic Passport Mockup Vol.2

This passport mockup is created for those who wish to showcase or present their passport design in a photo-realistic manner. The template has more than 5 high-quality mockups that offer you the opportunity to test, preview and present your work in 5 scenes. There are smart object layers that help you to replace your design instantly. For your information, You will get each mockup in size of 6000×4000 px.

Key Takeaways:

  • Very high-resolution PSD mockup with 300 DPI quality.
  • You can change passport colors as well as backgrounds according to your test.
  • Easy to use and customize to get a quick professional result.

14+ Best Passport Mockups for Designers

All in all, We have carefully picked these top passport mockups to help with your presentation or showcasing needs. Although they all appear in differnt styles and purposes, only you can decide which mockup is perfect for your project’s needs.

Do you think using one of the templates mentioned above will make your design presentation shine? If yes, please comment below which template you like.

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