20 Best Slate Roof Textures & Backgrounds 2024

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Do you want to add slate roof style through slate roof textures to your design artwork or photography work?

If you are struggling to find the perfect slate roof textures from the tens of thousands of options out there? With so many choices, it can feel a bit like choosing a needle in a haystack.

To help you make your decision, I’m going to share a list of the best slate roof textures that will you add a slate roof feel to your next design projects.

What are Slate Roof Textures?

In the most basic terms, the slate roof texture offers you the original feel of the slate roof. It has a premium look rather than natural slate tiles and other slate roofing materials. When it comes to adding rough with unique looks with tiles to your design Slate Roof Textures could do the tricks.

How to Make Slate Roof Texture in Photoshop?

Crafting your own stunning slate roof textures seems easy but time-consuming. You can make that happen with an image or create it from scratch for different purposes.

If you follow the first step which is an image to create a texture then look at how to do it:

  • Straighten the image using the ruler lines in photoshop software.
  • Crop the image as you needed and then adjust the shadow and lightning according to your test.
  • Enlarge the canvas and tile the edited image in the whole canvas to create slate roof textures.

If you have no time to make it from scratch then let us dive into the list of free and premium slate roof textures that can help you in your projects and save a lot of time.

Collection of Slate Roof Textures

Today we’ve collected 20+ best slate roof textures for Photoshop out there. Whether you are working on a vintage-style poster design or flyer or applying unique effects to your photograph, You will find this list helpful. The included textures are different in styles and intention, So pick according to your needs.

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1. Seamless Roof Tile Texture Square

Seamless Roof Tile Texture Square

Here is our first resource of slate roof texture. This texture is an actual photograph taken by the authors from a European medieval building.

It features a beautiful seamless roof tile texture and is available in a square orientation. For your information, You will get this texture in a dimension of 4096 x 4096 px.

You can consider this texture for architecture or building types of design projects.

A realistic touch to your design is important and this texture provides the same.

Price: You will get this texture at a price of $7.00 for personal, $9.00 for commercial, and $36.00 for extended commercial.

2. Square Shingles

Square Shingles

This is yet another simple yet effective roof slate texture that you will grab for no extra cost.

You will find this texture at the size of 1843x1298px. So, Using this texture for pixel-perfect design is not an issue.

Kick things off with this freebie and apply roof slate effects to your design.

Price: Free for personal and if you want to use it for commercial ask permission from the author.

3. Roof Texture

Roof Texture

Creativity and realism are the two characteristics of any successful design work. And this roof texture background helps you to achieve the same.

The texture features an old-style roof slate photograph that helps you to add realisticness to your work.

For your information, You will receive this texture in dimensions of 6016 x 4016 px means 4k resolution.

Create and apply uniqueness to your design or artwork by using this stunning roof texture right now!

Price: $6.00 for personal, $9.00 for commercial, and $24.00 for extended commercial.

4. Slate Roof tile Texture 01

Slate Rooftile Texture 01

5. Roof Texture Vector Set

Roof Texture Vector Set

6. Christoph Rupprecht

Christoph Rupprecht

7. Modern Roof Covered with Tile Effect

Modern Roof Covered with Tile Effect Containing Roof, Texture

8. Tile Roof

Tile Roof

9. Roof # 1

Roof # 1

10. Roof Shingles 2

Roof Shingles 2

11. Palm Roof

Palm Roof

12. Roof Tiles

Roof Tiles

13. Roof Tiles Slate

Roof Tiles Slate

14. Tiled Roof Texture

Tiled Roof Texture

15. Federico Sassi

Federico Sassi

16. Roofing Material, seamless

Roofing Material, seamless

17. Original Roof Texture

Roof Texture 1

18. Mix Cracked Roof

Roof Texture By Joe Marino

19. Brown Roof

Roof Texture # 2

20. Cedar Roof Dark 2

Cedar Roof Dark 2

21. Close up of slate roof tiles background

Close up of slate roof tiles background

Are you in need of slate roof tiles background that has a close-up look? Let this background be your finest tool for your next design work.

You will find this background in JPEG file format with sizes of 5467×3645 and 1000×667 pixels at 300 DPI quality.

Moreover, If you wish to edit this background without any software help, Then Shutterstock offers you an online editor to edit it.

22. Slate Roof Tiles

Slate Roof Tiles

Are you looking for a unique and effective slate roof background? Then without wasting time opt this amazing slate roof background.

This texture comes with one high-resolution JPEG file at 3888 x 2592 px dimensions.

You can use this texture for any reason you want.

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