30 Best Rounded Fonts To Create Stunning Designs

Rounded Fonts

If you need a clean and effective rounded font for your next web, graphic, app, or any creative design projects, you have come to the right place.

Fonts are the core of any design project that brings life to your design, Weather you are working on a web design, branding design, or marketing design project. Every design requires a pairing font that changes the entire tone of your design.

This article rounds up the top-rounded fonts that help you out in the process of applying circular effects to your design.

What Is Rounded Font?

A rounded font refers to a typeface that helps you to apply circular text style effects to your design. It comes with rounded corners and edges on the letters, numbers, and symbols. They have often been used to craft stylish and futuristic designs.

Which kind of design needs a rounded font?

Rounded fonts can be used in different kinds of design projects, like logos, posters, branding, and packaging design work. They can be used to create a playful and fun look or to give a softer and more organic feel to a design.

After knowing what is rounded fonts, Let’s take a closer look at some advantages of using rounded fonts in your upcoming or ongoing design projects.

Benefits of Using Rounded Fonts For Your Next Design

Rounded fonts can be a good choice for a variety of design projects because they can have a friendly and approachable feel. Here are some benefits of using rounded fonts:

  • Soft and welcoming: Rounded fonts can give off a softer and more welcoming vibe compared to more angular fonts. This can make them a good choice for projects that want to convey a sense of warmth and friendliness.
  • Easily Readable: Rounded fonts can be easier to read than more angular fonts because the rounded edges make the letters appear more distinct from one another. This can make them a good choice for projects that will be read by a wide audience or for use in large blocks of text.
  • Versatile: Rounded fonts can be used in a variety of design projects, including logos, websites, packaging, and more. They can work well in both formal and informal settings, making them a versatile choice.
  • Eye-catching: Because rounded fonts are less common than more traditional fonts, they can help your design stand out and grab attention.

It’s worth noting that rounded fonts may not be the best choice for every project. In some cases, a more formal or serious tone may be more appropriate, in which case an angular font may be a better fit. As with any design decision, it’s important to consider the overall aesthetic and tone of your project when choosing a font.

Collection of The Best Best Rounded Fonts

In this collection, we’ve gathered the best 30+ latest rounded fonts for designers. Browse through, you can download the appropriate choice for you. Don’t forget to let us know if you use them in a project.

1. Varelmo

Varelmo Round

Varelmo is a gothic-style tattoo font. This is a decorative font that comes with uppercase, and lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuation marks. This font works great for logos, branding, merchandise, apparel designs, stickers, etc.

This sans-serif classified font offers you normal spacing with the optimum for any size features. So, Without thinking too much go and grab this premium solution.

2. Oduda

Oduda - Rounded

3. Rounded

Rounded Sans Serif

4. Anita

Anita - Geometric

5. Raven Hell Round

Raven Hell Round

6. Aremat

Aremat - Geometric

7. Cincha – Unique Rounded Font

Cincha - Unique Rounded Font

8. Adline


9. Klop

Klop - Friendly Rounded

10. Ollie Rounded Script

Ollie Rounded Script

11. Polly Rounded

Polly Rounded

12. ATA Rounded

ATA Rounded

13. BOYA

BOYA Rounded

14. TT Rounds

TT Rounds

15. Painter Font


16. Shaded Larch Font

Shaded Larch

17. Finition Font

Finition Font

18. Fabulous

Fabulous Font

19. CF One Two Trees Font

CF One Two Trees

20. Airways Font

Airways Font

21. Hijrnotes Font

Hijrnotes Font

22. Actonia Font

Actonia Font

Actonia Font may carry an intimidating feel to it, but it’s largely anchored on calligraphy aesthetics. One of the more legible tattoo font on our list, this Envato product is cute, thick, and may provide distinct yet familiar energy to all of your designs. It’s classy without being too complex too!

23. Gretoon Font


Next up, we have Gretoon by Mans Greback. This is a gorgeous, comic font, with bold strokes and a bubbly design. You will find this typeface useful in various design works like comic covers, kids’ designs, holiday company logos, and many other fun design purposes. Gretoon consists of 366 glyphs and 252 stunning characters including icons and symbols.

24. Qumpellka No12 Font

Qumpellka No12

Qumpellka No12 is a modern font that looks like hand-written calligraphy. It’s very decorative, stylish, and friendly-looking, so I can see it works well on branding, title, social media posts, advertisements, product packaging, magazine, web design, logos, and much more. You will find 597 glyphs, lowercase letters, uppercase letters, symbols, punctuation, and numbers. Also, Qumpellka No12 offers multilingual support.

25. Quan

Quan Update v1.1

Do you wish to craft a design with a stylish typeface that has rounded curves? Try Chatnarong Jingsuphatada’s Quan font. This modern and clean sans typeface looks great for various headlines and tiny readable information. The font set offers you 32 unique font options with 8 different weights (thin to bold) and more importantly, all have rounded versions.

26. Boxfresh

Boxfresh Thin + Thin

Are you looking for a big, bold, and impressive all-caps display typeface? Then Boxfresh is the right pick for you. It is packed with 13 glyphs and available in OTF file format. You will find Boxfresh as an ideal solution for big-size projects like headlines, posters, flyers, logos and so much more.

27. HulaHoop-Rounded TrueType Font


Here’s another one of the best-rounded fonts that fulfill your typeface need. HulaHoop is a premium rounded TrueType typeface from acerchina. The designer thoughtfully crafted the font with uniqueness and added creative strokes that look extraordinary.

28. Eacológica Round Slab Serif

Eacológica Round Slab

Eacológica is another stunning rounded font that is a great solution for headlines in editorial design, advertising, posters, signs, or posters. It’s a thick typeface packed with regular, bold, and italic versions and has a set of 650 characters (Latin Extended) and the Greek alphabet. It also offers various language support.

29. Expedia Black

Expedia Black

One of the bold and unique rounded fonts on our roundup is Expedia Black. It is available in OTF file formats with 259 glyphs. Designers can find this font suitable for logotypes, web designs, and collaterals. It also comes with uppercase and lowercase letters, symbols, punctuation, numerals, and special characters.

30. Tangential Rounded

Tangential Rounded

Tangential is a futuristic and technology-inspired typeface that is an ideal solution for contemporary, digital, gaming, and headlines. This font is available in two weights regular and bold both come in OpenType OTF & TrueType TTF formats.

31. Diadema


Made by chrisworks, the Diadema Typeface is a modern, pixel-perfect, and rounded sans-serif font. Its sharp edges and curved look make it the perfect choice for logos, flyers, headlines, and any decorative work. You will receive Diadema in TTF file format and compatible with Windows and MAC Os.

32. Ponsi

Ponsi Rounded Slab

What is a good slab serif with round corners font? Ponsi is the best answer for you. It offers your design a fun and playful vibe, making it an awesome choice for modern designs. While it is available in regular and bold styles with ligatures, swashes en alternatives.

33. Maix

Maix Rounded TrueType
Maix – A Multi Weight Rounded Font.

One of the more attractive picks of the bunch, Maix is a dignified, generous, beautiful rounded TrueType font packed with 229 glyphs. Its circular and perfect edges make this font unique with a clean appearance. You will consider Maix for logo and branding design work.

34. PIO

PIO Rounded TrueType Font
PIO – A Rounded TrueType Font.

Spectilur liner rounded appearance and elegant design, Creativemarket’s PIO rounded is a stylistic circular offering. Featuring more than 229 glyphs, you can spell whatever you need to with this pick. Best suited for logo design, branding, and packaging design projects, this rounded font is great for t-shirts, poster headlines, and other similar reasons!

35. Twomaru

Twomaru – an exclusive futuristic rounded font.

Ending this list with Twomaru which offers a futuristic feel with rounded curves. Twomaru is a stunning font that is best suited for design projects like technology, science, and any design that needs a modern feel with a rounded effect. It has bold, clean, and stylish qualities. If you are confident about you need a typeface that consists of a futuristic feel and rounded effect, Then Twomaru is the right option for you!

35+ Best Rounded Fonts for Graphic Design & Digital Artwork

While you browse the web, There are hundreds of rounded fonts available today, But the problem is not every font is suitable for your needs. We hope you found your perfect typeface in this roundup of the best free and premium rounded fonts. While you’re here, you might want to check out our other collection of the best beauty fonts or the best brush fonts.

Are you use any one of the rounded fonts mentioned above list? Let us know by commenting!

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