20 Best Shoe Box Mockup Templates 2024

A great packaging design presentation changes the way the viewers see your shoe brand. Therefore, we’ve shared the list of best shoe box mockup templates that can help you create amazing presentations in just a few minutes. Check them now!

When it comes to product selling, you need to apply various marketing efforts, branding, and most importantly a good product packaging to gain recognition in the competitive market. As packaging helps you to secure a good first impression and lasting brand loyalty.

With the stiff competition in the shoe business, visually pleasing box packaging with creative, unique, and attractive design is a must to emerge as a popular shoe brand. With that said, there are many ready-made mockup templates to help you evaluate your packaging design.

If you are working on shoebox packaging design projects and find it difficult to decide how the design look in real-life settings, you have come to the right place.

In this post, we have created an outstanding list of 25+ Best Shoe Box Mockup Templates in 2021. These mockup templates have a pixel-perfect design, appealing features, and easy-to-use options to help you get going.

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What is Shoe Box Mockup?

A Shoe Box mockup is a full rendering of your design, helpful for product presentations or other purposes. This means showing off your design actually looks like in a real environment rather than as it is normal.

In addition to setting aside time to answer the important visual questions, shoe mockups have several other benefits:

  • Realistic perspective: It’s one thing to have all your visual choices made, yet it’s another to see them all cooperating in a manner near the genuine way. Mockups can help uncover issues that aren’t so clear on paper (for instance, shading conflicts, or more modest sort violations going unseen).
  • Early revisions: It’s easier to make revisions in a mockup before going to print.

Shoe Box Mockup Templates

Shoe Product Box – Mockup

Shoes Box - Mockup

If you wish to have an attractive shoebox for your shoe business, you must make the packaging design look remarkable. Also, you can make the designs flawless as you use the shoe Box mockup using this template. Now with this mock-up template, you have a chance to preview, test, or present your design work in the most professional manner.

It comes with one fully layered PSD file in 3000×2000 px dimensions. If you wish to change the background color, it’s very possible. Just use the smart object in inserting your designs.


Shoe Box PSD Mockup Template

Shoe Box Mockup Template

Regardless of the type of shoe product that you offer to your consumers, your packaging should be done in the highest quality. Since the shoebox design is the one that attracts consumers, it must be appealing enough to draw attention. To preview if it can represent your brand well, you can pick this Shoe Box mockup template and make your creative work presentation more attractive.

It features a fully editable shoebox mockup with a beautiful floating cover that can be used for presenting your packaging design in a professional manner. If you wish to change the background color of the template, it’s also available. This template is an ideal solution for your Website, Products, Shop, and Graphic presentations. Check out how lovely this mockup can be for your personal and commercial projects.


Beautiful Square Shoebox Mockup

Square Shoe Box Mock-up

If you are working or done a shoe branding project and in need of a shoebox mockup, then this beautiful square shoe box mockup could be the right answer for you. Surely, this mockup makes your design presentation more appealing and has the potential to impress clients.

This advanced, easy to edit square shoe box mockup set packed with six photorealistic presentations in more than 3000×2008 pixel resolution. It contains everything you need to create a realistic look at your project. So, you just need to put your design work on the template via smart objects for a more amazing design presentation. You can also change the background as your project needed.


Free Shoe Box Mock-up Set

Shoe Box Mockup Set

Whether you’re into sports, fitness activity, or just headed to your office, keeping your feet safe, comfortable, and well-supported is a must. Therefore, you must have to wear shoes when anywhere you go. Meanwhile, designers who work with shoe brands must create fabulous designs to fit different personalities.

Here’s a bundle of free shoe box mockups for the evaluation of your shoe branding design projects. This pack contains six different views of a shoebox in PSD files. Primarily, you can replace or add your own designs using the smart object layer and change colors to fit your requirements too. So, showcase your packaging design with 4K quality (4500×3000 – 300dpi) with changeable background and transparent shadows.


2 Free Realistic Box Mock-ups

2 Free Shoe Box Mock-ups

Since it’s very important to keep your packaging design presentation at the highest quality, having a pre-made mockup template will be a beneficial presentation tool. And if you are working on a shoebox packaging design, you should carefully pick a mockup template that will make your presentation more alluring.

Here’s a free realistic shoe box mock-ups set that you can use for crafting wonderful designs of shoebox package. It comes with two high-quality PSD files in more than 4500×3200 px. You can quickly and effortlessly add your own designs to the shoebox and change the colors of some elements to meet your preferences.


Rectangle Shoe Box PSD Mock-up

Rectangle Shoe Box Mockup

As you put lots of effort to craft an effective packaging design, You don’t neglect the importance of design presentation. After all, the first impression is the last impression. However, you may be working or done a shoebox packaging design project, then a ready-to-go mockup template is a right pick for your presentation.

This rectangle shoe box mockup is worth having for your next design presentation. It offers high-resolution PSD files that allow being used for commercial purposes. With this mockup, you can easily drag and drop your design via smart objects. Also, it allows you to recolor by using a solid color layer.


Photorealistic Shoebox Mock-Up

Photorealistic Shoe Box Mock-Up PSD

Hunting down for the best shoebox mock-up to present your work in a professional manner? Or Do you wish to test your shoe branding design on a shoebox that will make your brand stand out? You’ve probably seen a box mock-up with more angles.

Well, why not check out this Shoe Box Mock-up that lets you polish your branding design on not just one or two boxes but eight different shoebox types. This mockup is ready to make a complete branding of your shoe business. You can add your own designs using the smart objects and change the background as your presentation needed.


Shoe Box Mock-up 4

Shoe Box Mock-up 4

If you are searching for a modern, attractive, and impactful shoe box mock-up that gives a realistic look to your project, you came to the right place. This one can definitely be going to fulfill your needs from shoe brand logo presentation to packaging, branding, and many more reasons.

Due to its bright and dark designs, the final result will make viewers stick with your design as well as impress the clients. The template is available in 4000 x 2670 px size for the pixel-perfect outcome.

Obviously, it comes with smart objects and a layered structure, which means, you will have a little breeze edit and improve the overall template. Let it follow your or your client’s specific branding regulations and make a difference.


Advanced Shoebox Mock-up

Advance Shoe Box Mock-up PSD-3000×2000 px

The quality of the shoe box packaging refers to the genuineness of your brand. With that in mind, you will surely craft a packaging box that impresses your customers effectively. If you have a shoe business, having effective, adorable, and elegant designs of the shoebox will help you gain credibility.

Here’s an advanced Shoe Box Mock-up that will give you a thought of how the end result would resemble. It contains six PSD files with a high-resolution of 3000×2000 px dimensions. As it comes with organized layers, editing won’t be an issue. It also contains a smart object for inserting your designs with ease. You may also change the background as per your comfort.


Shoes Packaging Mockup

Shoes Packaging Box Mockup

If you’re done with your shoebox design project for a footwear brand, make sure that the presentation of your work will be done in a professional manner. For you to test, preview, and present well your designs, you can grab this shoe packaging box Mockup template. It’s an ideal solution for any shoe packaging design you want to showcase but can be used for any other products too.

This set includes High-resolution four PSD files that feature four different shoeboxes scenes. You just need to copy and paste your design for each visible side to get desired results. Box lighting or change background color can be also possible. All elements are on separate layers. You can use both PSD files or source vector AI files.


Shoebox Mock-up

Shoes Box Mock-up

For an outstanding, beautiful and effective shoe packaging design presentation, this Shoes Box Mock-up will surely do the trick. Keep in mind, instead of one, you get six quality PSD mockups in the bundle, all fully editable and adjustable with a box map. Thanks to the smart object layer, you just drag and drop your design and see it appear on the label instantaneously. Of course, you can edit all the elements on this bundle.


Free Shoe Box Package Mockup

Free Shoe Box Mockup PSD

Are you in need of a shoebox mockup template? Then you should opt for this free shoe box mockup template for presenting or showcasing your design in a professional manner. It is an effective and perfect solution to preview or tests your design and showcase your box packaging designs in the best possible light.

This mockup features an adorable shoebox design in isometric view. You can easily edit and change the colors of the background as well as the box. As it has organized folders and layers along with smart object editing are made easy and fast. The template is available in 3000×2000 pixels size, so you don’t need to worry about pixel-perfect results. You can use this for your branding presentation or packaging design display.



Shoe Box Mockup Set

Footwear is essential to anything from work to sports or fashion. Most importantly, shoes protect our feet as well as give a stylish look and add a unique touch to every outfit. No big surprise why there are various shoe brands that produce unique and stylish shoe products for the mass. If you’re one of these entrepreneurs who manufacture the same products, you should have this fashion shoe box mockup.

This mockup set consists of sixteen high-resolution PSD files with 16 different views available in 4000×2800 px size. Apparently, you can have the high heels shoe for your design presentation. You may change the colors and design of the box and high heels via smart objects.


Free Sport Shoe

Free shoe box mockup

When you’re into sports having a proper shoe is essential for improving performance. Likely, a sport shoebox is indeed priceless for doing the branding well. For designers, such products should be designed well. Fortunately, there are a lot of mockups that you can obtain for accomplishing the best outcome.

Here’s a Sport shoe box mockup template that will fill in as an effective presentation tool for such tasks. It features a shoebox in five different angles to get a more convenient option to preview or test your design. It’s a fully layered file with 300 DPI. Basically, you can add your own designs onto the shoebox using the smart object layer. Every element can be customized and modified as per your project required.


Ideaway Shoebox Mock-up Set

Shoe Box Mockup Set # 2

Here’s another helpful, resourceful, and effective presentation tool that you can use for your next shoebox design projects. This premium mockup can accomplish such a great deal with the refinement of your designs. You can likewise utilize it for presentations to surpass customer’s expectations. Also, This template is a perfect pick for presenting your shoebox design before printing. It is available in a PSD file that is fully layered. This way, editing won’t be difficult at all.

Specifically, it comes with a smart object layer for inserting your own artwork into the scene having 7000×5000 px dimensions at 72 dpi. If you wish to change the colors objects and background can be possible. A smart layer for the label helps to apply your design.


Shoe Branding Mock-Up

Shoe Box Branding Mock Up PSD

In our daily life, shoes play an essential job to give our feet the perfect foundation as well as enable us to work in hazardous conditions. Due to its popularity, many entrepreneurs find this business as a more revenue-generating source. More brands are selling shoes to fill the demands. If you’re working with such projects, this Shoe Box mockup is never a waste of time.

This mockup set comes with a well-organized PSD file of a Shoe Box. Without a doubt, You can use this for crafting the finest box packaging for your shoe brand and for presentations. The template is packed with three high-resolution mockups available in 5180×3456 px pixel dimensions. You Just need to place your design work via the smart object layer to get the desired result. Furthermore, you may also change the logo color, background color, shadow.


Amazing Shoe Packaging Mock-up Set

Shoe Box Mockups

As shoe manufacture, producing a quality product is not enough to build a successful brand! As you know there is already an established shoe brand out there. Therefore, it’s important that you always come with unique branding, marketing, and packaging strategy. So, if you are working on a shoebox packaging design then you should try it on a ready-to-go mockup template.

Here’s one that you should pick, a set of Shoe Box mockups packed with six high-quality PSD files. You just need to apply your own designs onto the shoe box, change the background to suit your preferences. Also, you will get a foil stamp effect for an attractive presentation.


Paper Shoebox Mock-up

fully customizable paper shoe box mockup

If you or your clients have a shoe business, Crafting an amazing shoebox design for your brand is crucial to creates a memorable unboxing experience. Whether you want to create a futuristic design for a sports shoe brand or any other custom design. Yet, before you can continue to do such, you need to ensure that the packaging design of your products commends your brand. Or else, people wouldn’t be so interested or barely notice your brand.

Here’s a fully customizable paper shoe box mockup in PSD that will help you create, test or present an attractive box packaging design in front of potential clients. The mockup template consists of six high-resolution PSD files 3000×2250 Pixel Dimensions. Particularly, this mockup lets you replace your own creation on the box, change the background via Smart Objects and allow you to edit and change the shading.


Stand-Alone Shoebox PSD Template

Shoe Box Mock-Up # 3

Before you finalize your shoe packaging box design, ensure you’ve let your clients see your work in real-life settings. Having a shoebox mockup will give you and your client an idea of how the end result will look like. Once you’ve finalized your design and applied it to the template, you can have a realistic result that definitely going to impress the client.

Here’s a premium set of shoebox mock-up that helps you to present, showcase or preview your designs in a realistic manner. This mockup contains eight high-quality PSD files available in more than 3600×2400px size. You may change the color of the background and customize the texture and color of the template. You can also able to create a realistic closeup look, with a crop tool and a lens blur filter.


Photorealistic Shoebox Mock-up

Shoe Box Mockup

With the beautiful product box and an attractive packaging design, You will surely make your brand noticeable. Likely, shoe brands need to be cool, stylish, and innovative box packaging designs. Thus, it gives you the chance to spread awareness of your brand. So, why not test or preview your packaging design through this shoebox mockup.

This photorealistic shoebox mockup features a beautiful box in eight different views. You can easily add your own artwork or design to the box through the smart object. The mockup set consists of eight high-quality PSD files available in 3840 x 2608 px size. So, whether you need to present or showcase your work in the top view or side view, this mockup will help you improve your designs. Moreover, changing the background color also possible with this mockup.


Free Shoe Box/Package Mockup

Free Square Shoe Box Package Mockup

To make any brand stand out, Every promotional effort counts a lot. But wait before you can do that, you need to have a tool that evaluates your design. For your shoe business to gain recognition, your presentation must be professional and realistic manner.

Here’s a free shoe box/package mockup that is best to use for the presentation of your designs. The template consists of one high-resolution PSD file available in 3000x2000px size. Apparently, you can just drag and drop your design using the smart object layers and you’re ready to go! With this mockup, you can be sure that your branding design presentation will make your design stand out.



Just like with the list of the best mockup templates, there’s no shortage of options for you when it comes to Shoe Box Mockup.

With a variety of shoebox mockup templates for free as well as paid, this list is a great way to test, preview, showcase, or present your creation in a professional manner.

Picking the perfect mockup makes your work stand out, improves professionalism, and helps you to approve your design. Choose wisely!

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