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25+ Best Stamp Mockup PSD Templates 2019

Stamp is a most popular, fast, simple and convenient way to get your business identified, not just used in office, but also in university and to seal important documents. In this post, we’re sharing the best stamp mockup for presenting your own unique identity designs in professional and realistic way.

In this world of competitive market, your business simply cannot exist for a long time unless customers trust your company and branding is an essential element of any successful business. By choosing the right branding tools you’ll be able to promote your business in cost-effective way and create a brand awareness. Designing a stamp is best way to get your business branded as well as build trust among clients. If you are working on stamp design. then, you need to make sure you present your final design to your clients in a way that they expect. Clearly, they will want to see how your design looks and feels in real environment — that’s where stamp mockups can be incredibly helpful.

Here we’ve a collection of 25+ best stamp mockup PSD templates crafted by professional designers around the world.With the help of these mockups you can present logo, badge or identity design to your client’s in real environment. Feel free to download and experiment!

i hope you will like them. Enjoy!

Rubber Stamp PSD MockUp #3

Rubber Stamp PSD MockUp PSD

This beautiful, creative and realistic rubber stamp mock-up features a paper stamp and helpful for presenting your logo or badge designs in a professional manner. It includes one PSD files with smart objects that allow you to easily customize the color and shape of the seal and ink stamp.


Rubber Stamp Logo Mockup – Square Version V2

Rubber Stamp Logo Mockup

Another template of stamp mockup featuring clean and professional rubber stamp logo design. This mockup comes with PSD Photoshop format with smart-object features to help you replace the current designs with your own within minutes. The template is available in 3000×2000 px resolution.


Rubber Stamps Mock Up Vol 01

Rubber Stamps Mock Up PSD

This set of rubber stamps mockup is ideal for presenting your business identity.The template came with five PSD file in 3000×2000 px resolution with well organized layers.


Wax Stamp & A8 Card Mockup

Wax Stamp & A8 Card Mockup PSD


Stamp Mockup Template

Stamp Mockup Template PSD

This stunning stamp mockup template for your Website and Graphic presentations that require Adobe Photoshop CS5+.


Free Exquisite Stamp Mockup

Free Exquisite Stamp PSD

This is beautiful and eye-catching Exquisite Stamp Mockup Collection with set of three separate mockup projects made in high resolution ready for your designs.

Format: Layered PSD
Dimensions: 5000×4400 px


Stamp Mockup – PSD

Stamp Mockup PSD

A wooden stamp mockup made with Photoshop layers and smart objects. This mockup will allow you to showcase your stamp designs in a real world environment. A very realistic rendering of your stamp within seconds.You can download this template free of charge.


Wax Stamp Logo Mock-up Template

Wax Stamp Logo Mock-up PSD

Another great free Stamp mockup that features a realistic Wax Stamp Logo. It is helpful to present you vector illustration, logo or badge design, on a wax surface with a realistic stamp look.The template comes in a fully-layered PSD file with smart objects for easier customization as well.


Modern Stamped Logo Mockup

Modern Stamped Logo PSD

This Stamp mockup template is ideal to showcase your logo or any branding designs you might have.


Vintage Stamp And Paper Card ($ 7)

Vintage Stamp And Paper Card

This is Vintage Stamp And Paper Card Mock-Up. Place your design using Smart Objects (double-click the Smart Object, copy & paste your design, save and all done). Stamp and Paper Card is – 3.5 × 2 inches (88.9×50.8 mm)


Rubber Stamp Mockups ($ 5)

Rubber Stamp Mockup

Another stationery mockup relating to business activities was given to you. If the stamp is unique and eye-catching, you will win the attention of customers for sure. It must have the soul of the company, good at design and has the dull ability to blow customers’ mind. With this mockup, you also have the right to edit and replace your stylish brand name and turn it into a perfect one.


Stamp Business Card Mock-Up ($ 6)

Stamp Business Card Mock-Up

Set includes 6 renders in 6 psd files 2500×2500 resolution (8.33×8.33 300dpi HiQ print) All the objects on a transparent background. Smart objects used allows you to replace design Stamp Business Card and item contents for your own responsive designs in few seconds.


Wax Seal Stamp Mock-up ($ 6)

Wax Seal Stamp Mock-up

Wax Seal Stamp Mock-up Set includes 6 renders 3d scenes in 6 psd files 4000×3000 resolution (13,3×10 300dpi HiQ print) All the objects on a transparent background.


Free Ink Stamp Photoshop Mockup

Ink Stamp Photoshop Mockup

Create a realistic Ink Stamp effect from any graphic that you want with this Free Ink Stamp Photoshop Mockup.


Rubber Stamp Logo Mockup ($ 5)

Rubber Stamp Logo PSD

Rubber Stamp Logo Mockup Something you would like to express your logo with


Rubber Stamp Mockup ($ 3)

Rubber Stamp Mockup PSD

Professional high quality rubber stamp mockup for portfolio, showcase, presentation, poster, advertisement, and more. Quickly and easily customizable by using smart objects.


Wax Seal And Personal Stamp ($ 7)

Wax Seal And Personal Stamp

This is Wax Seal And Personal Stamp mock-up. Compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS6 and above. Template Size is 2560×1440 pix, 72 dpi. Easy And Fast Editing via Smart Objects. There are two templates in one *.psd file (different camera view). Each template is provided with alpha masks for each object (and its parts).


DOA Rubber Stamp and Stationary Mock Up ($ 10)

Rubber Stamp and Stationary Mock Up


  1. 1 Fully editable PSD -File ( with 2 different Rubber Stamp-Shapes)
  2. HighRes JPGs of the clean Mock Ups

Customizable 3D Rubber Stamp Mock-up ($ 6)

Customizable 3D Rubber Stamp Mock-up

Customizable 3D rubber stamp with adjustable shadows Vector smart objects and transparent backgound You can use this mock-up as an element of a banner, illustration on a website or print. Change the imprint ant the negative with the reflection on the plate takes only few seconds. You can adjust the shadows (separable) change the background or use it as a transparent picture.


Realistic Rubber Stamp Logo Mockup

Realistic Rubber Stamp Logo Mockup


Embossing Seal Stamp Mock

Embossing Seal Stamp Mockup


Rubber Stamp Mockup PSD Free

Rubber Stamp Mockup PSD

This modern rectangular rubber stamp mockup was designed with Photoshop and available for free download. All layers are well organized and easy to edit. Using smart object layer you can add your original artwork easier and faster. This high quality rubber stamp mockup PSD comes with 4000 x 3000 pixels resolution. Just scroll down and click the download button to get this free rectangular rubber stamp mockup. I hope you will like this stunning rubber stamp freebie. Please don’t forget to share this with your friends and colleagues.


Social Media Postage Stamps

Social Media Postage Stamps


Rubber Stamp PSD MockUp

Rubber Stamp PSD

Realistic rubber stamp mock-up to help you create a distinctive showcase of your badge, logo or symbol. Just place your design using the smart layer and you’ll be done in no time. Download, share and have fun with it!


Wax Seal Stamp PSD MockUp

Wax Seal PSD Template

an elegant, high quality PSD mock-up that will allow you to showcase your logo, badge, monogram and more. The scene features a realistic wooden wax seal stamp with a wax sealed envelope. You can change the color of the wax seal according to your needs and place your logo easily via smart objects. Enjoy!


Psd Wood Ink Stamp Seal Mockup

Psd Wood Ink Seal Template

This is a an original wood and ink stamp to showcase your new brand identity and other designs. You can update the background and the stamp’s elements color to create some bold combination and make it your own.


Wax Seal Logo Mock-Up Template Vol2

Wax Seal Logo PSD Template

Volume 2 of psd wax seal logo mockup with a front facing realistic wax seal to showcase your logo design with great effect.


Psd Wood Wax Seal Stamp Mockup

Psd Wood Wax Seal

This is a very elegant and realistic wooden psd wax seal stamp with a wax sealed envelope mockup. This will be a very distinctive way to showcase your brand image.



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