28+ Best Techno Fonts For Modern Projects

Hyperion Typeface

Techno fonts are really popular font style used for designing a futuristic web or app interface, or need a font to complement the technology fictional theme of a book, magazine or poster. Techno fonts are more scientific or technological feel kind of font.

Fonts play an essential job in any graphical and web design that intended to give information. A typography and graphic make the design increasingly appealing and understandable. There are numerous sorts of fonts are available like geometric fonts, minimal fonts, modern font etc. Today we are discussing best techno fonts for your upcoming cutting futuristic design project.

We have chosen 28+ best techno fonts for modern project that are so good for your next design venture. These types of fonts are widely used in hi-tech graphic design projects. You can see them in any type of technology related projects.

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1. The FREE Ultra Font

The FREE Ultra Font

This is a unique, neon-inspired typeface designed by Fabien Korn that will look great with colors added to it! It can be successfully used in futuristic designs, for creating eye-catching headlines, posters and more!


2. Exan-3 Free Font

Exan-3 Free Font


3. Begok v15

Begok v15

This typeface contains 66 characters, including lowercase, numbers and symbols. OTF and TTF format.


4. Equinox Typeface

Equinox Typeface

Equinox is a modern, minimal and clean font family with uppercase multilingual letters, numbers, punctuation and alternate letters. It’s not as futuristic as my other sci-fi fonts but it’s much more versatile and can be used for non sci-fi purposes as well.


5. ANURATI — Free Font

ANURATI — Free Font

Anurati was a new futuristic font I’ve worked on during the making of my portfolio. Originally made to be free, this font makes way for the creativity of each and every one.


6. Metric display fonts

Metric display fonts


7. ASTRO · Free Modular Typeface

ASTRO · Free Modular Typeface


8. Tangential Rounded

Tangential Rounded

This variation of ‘Tangential’ (see also the Standard & SemiSerif variants) continues with the angles that give the typeface its name but elsewhere the square ends are half-rounded to create a softer and slightly more fluid version.


9. Ethnocentric Font Family

Ethnocentric Font Family


10. Beyno Typeface

Beyno Typeface


11. Lightyear Typeface

Lightyear Typeface

Lightyear is a retro typeface with roots in the 1950’s space science-fiction era. The combination of super extended capitals with the all-capped lowercase makes for a unique and interesting result. This typeface is also packed with a few alternate letterforms, 2 sets of arrows, and glyphs for various uses.


12. Separator Typeface

Separator Typeface


13. V.GER Grotesque

Techno Font V.GER Grotesque


14. Bock – Logo Font

Bock - Techno Font

Bock is futuristic, clean font with multilingual support. It’s a very versatile font that works great in large and small sizes.


15. Divlit Font

Divlit Techno Font


16. Ailerons Typeface

Ailerons Techno Typeface


17. Centauri – Futuristic Font

Centauri Futuristic Techno Font

Centauri is a futuristic font with minimalist, wide letters. It includes English uppercase letters, alternate letters, basic punctuation and numbers.


18. Derelict Typeface

Derelict Techno Typeface


19. Booster Next FY Family

Booster Techno Font


20. Xirod Font

Xirod Techno Font


21. EXO

Techno Font-EXO


22. Rezland

Rezland Techno Font


23. Font Futur

Techno Font Futur

New stylish futuristic font ₣ᙀ₸ᙀᏒ. It is perfect for making headings, main inscriptions. You will accentuate the words in your flyers and booklets.


24. Orbitron

Techno Font Orbitron


25. Hyperion Typeface

Hyperion Techno Typeface


26. Sofachrome Font Family

Sofachrome Techno Font


27. Aquawax – 12 fonts

Aquawax - 12 Techno Font


28. Ufo Nest

Ufo Nest Techno Font


29. Hemi Head Font

Hemi Head Techno Font


30. Good Times Font

Good Times Techno Font

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