20 Best DJ Flyer Templates & Designs 2024

DJ Flyer Templates

Are you searching for the best DJ flyer template for your next DJ event promotion?

Flyer marketing is always tried and tested medium to promote any product, service, or event. And when it comes to event promotions, especially for DJ events. Using a pre-made flyer template made by professionals always gives an edge to your promotional campaigns.

In this article, we’ll create a list of the best DJ flyer templates that take care of all your marketing needs.

Before jumping into the list, let’s get familiar with flyer marketing for DJ events or organizers.

Importance of DJ Flyer Marketing

Every business needs to let potential clients or customers know about their products, services, and promotional events. In today’s competitive world, It is mostly done with marketing tactics like social media promotions, websites, and other digital marketing techniques.

But, one of the traditional ways to promote any business is flyer marketing, and is still works, is just as strong as ever, and shouldn’t be ignored.

The flyer is generally a part of every marketing campaign. But when we look at DJ event promotions, You can find flyers as a cost-effective way to advertise any DJ events or promote your DJ business.

Here are some benefits of using flyer marketing to advertise your DJ event or business:

  • Cost Effective: With a pre-made flyer design template, You just need to choose the right design, customize it, and you are done with printing. There is no need to hire a marketing company to promote your DJ business. Which means you save a lot on the marketing budget.
  • Easy To Distribute: Flyers are very easy to distribute, You can place them in a daily newspaper, distribute them in malls, or bus stops or directly hand them over to potential customers.
  • Tangible Nature: In spite of bunches of online ads, flyers actually have their place in advertising and people still get attention. So it is important to craft a well-designed DJ flyer with a creative look and print it on quality paper.
  • Make a relationship with the Client: When you hand the DJ flyer to customers directly, it can create a personal relationship with them with minimum communication.
  • Appealing: A Well-designed flyer for DJ promotion is always fully read by the receiver. Because you hand it physically. Where online ads skip by users. This means flyers are an appealing way to attract potential clients.

Now that you know the importance of DJ flyer marketing, let’s look at the list of the best DJ flyer templates & designs available in 2023.

Top 5 DJ Flyer Templates

If you are in a hurry, Here are the top 5 picks of DJ Flyer Templates for you to save time. Although, If you have time go through the full list and get your needed one from the list.

Collection of The Best DJ Flyer Templates

Here we have a collection of 20+ best DJ flyer templates & designs with clean and clutter-free designs for creating an effective marketing flyer. Whether you need a 90’s effect design or a modern one, there you will find all kinds of designs. So, Browse carefully and pick your liked one from below.

Take a Look!

90’s DJ Flyer

90's DJ Flyer

Do you wish to craft a flyer design that brings the 90s era for your next DJ event promotion, Then this pre-made flyer template could do the trick for you.

The flyer template offers you a wavy background with a retro-style heading. It is available in PSD file format that can fully editable with Adobe Photoshop.

If you like default look of the template, You just need to replace your image or design via smart object layers. Also, If you wish to change colors or text styles, You are free to do.

Whether you wish to promote 90s music Dj party, disco, dance club, club party, summer event, or similar reasons. This template never disappoints you.

Your next 90’s DJ-related flyer design is just around the corner with this template.


DJ Event Flyer Template PSD

DJ Event Flyer

As the name suggests, DJ Event is a DJ flyer template that you can employ for Dj events, concerts, music festivals, DJ parties, and other kinds of special parties.

The template feters an energetic design with neon text effects that makes this template unique and effective. The template is available in A4 size at 300 DPI quality.

For your information, The template comes with layered PSD file and you can instantly replace your own design or artwork in a few clicks.

Take your next DJ promotion event to the next height with this freebie.


Summer DJ Party Flyer Template

Summer DJ Party

This is another excellent solution with a predefined summer theme design that will quickly get your next summer DJ promotion.

This print-ready premium flyer template includes a 300 dpi print-ready CMYK file. All main elements are editable and customizable according to your test.

You can edit the main text via the text tool, and the model image you can replace via smart object, right click edit smart object in your layer menu.

You can consider this template for DJ, electro, dance party, and other party events.

With this premium solution, We gurrent that you never fail to attract masses to your DJ event.


Neon DJ Music Party Flyer

DJ Party Flyer

If you are going to organize a DJ music party and need to promote it with a stunning flyer design. Then opt for this neon DJ music party flyer.

The template comes with 1 PSD file with easy-to-edit options and well-organized layers. You just need to replace your design or image and all effects apply automatically.

For your information, The template is print ready, and also you can share it on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and more.

You will find only free fonts used by the author which means there is no issue with commercial use. If you find any trouble while editing there is a HELP file.

All in all, If you need an effective flyer design for your music DJ party promotion. This template could be a strong contender.


Amazing High-Quality DJ Flyer

DJ Flyer

Are you looking for a unique, attractive, and effective flyer template for your next DJ promotion? Then consider this pre-made amazing High-Quality DJ flyer template.

The template consists of 2 high-quality PSD files at 300 DPI resolution. You can easily customize it with the help of the Adobe Photoshop application.

You will find layered options with print-ready features. Also, you will have CMYK & RGB versions for your convenience.

Rather than using it for DJ promotion, You will find this template beneficial for work parties, anniversaries, birthday promotions, night clubs, and similar reasons.

Craft an impactful flyer design and attract more crows to your DJ event.


Night Club and DJ Flyer PSD Template

Night Club and DJ Flyer

Urban Music Dj Flyer

Urban Music

Dj Party Flyer Templates

Dj Party Flyer

Tropical Party – Free PSD Flyer Template

Tropical Party

Guess DJ Flyer

Guess DJ

Modern Electro DJ Flyer Layout

Modern Electro DJ

Dj Party Flyer Template

Dj Party Flyer

DJ Flyer Template

DJ Flyer

Female DJ Flyer

Female DJ

Summer House DJ Flyer + Banners

Summer House DJ Flyer

Special Guest DJ – Free Flyer Template

Special Guest DJ

Special DJ Flyer Template

Special DJ Flyer

DJ – Free Flyer PSD Template

DJ – Free Flyer

Dj Night Flyer

Dj Night Flyer

Electro Nightclub DJ Flyer Template

Electro Nightclub DJ Flyer Template

DJ – Free PSD Flyer Template


DJ Event Flyer Template

DJ Event

Artist DJ Flyer

Artist DJ Flyer
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