30 Amazing Ice Cream Mockup Templates 2023

Ice Cream Mockups

Are you looking for the best ice cream mockup to present or showcase your design in real-life settings?

One of the important things about design success is how you present it. Hence, The pre-made mockups help you to get a realistic presentation in just a few clicks, we have compiled a list of the best ice cream mockup that will make your designs stand out.

What is an Ice Cream Mockup?

An ice cream mockup is a static design that helps you to identify flaws in the design or put the final design in front of the client in a realistic manner.

For example, If you are working on an ice cream brand logo identity and you need to present it in a professional manner. Then, a ready-to-go ice cream mockup could save your time and effort with a realistic outcome.

This also helps the designer to improve their design and craft a design that client needs.

Benefits of Ice Cream Mockup

The most significant benefit of pre-made ice cream mockups is that they’re time savers. All you need to do is place your design on the mockup preview, test and evaluate it for a professional outcome. You don’t need to make it from scratch. You don’t even need to find external participants as employees from other departments can substitute as your target audience.

Another benefit of the ice cream mockup is that it’s understandable. Your client will quickly get what you are going to offer. Even when the design is in the earlier stage, you can present it in real-life settings. This can save your time and effort with instant client approval.

Now that we’ve highlighted some of the benefits of these ice cream mockups, Here we have put a list of the best ice cream mockups for you.

The Best Ice Cream Mockup Templates

  1. Ice Cream ConeA perfect presentation tool for ice cream brand logo identity
  2. 3D Array of Ice Cream BarsBest for branding projects
  3. 3D Popsicles & Packaging MockupIdeal for packaging design presentation
  4. Ice Cream Pouch Mock-Up
  5. Ice Cream Fridge Mock-up

List of top Ice Cream Mockup Templates

In this collection, we’re featuring 30+ amazing ice cream mockup templates you can use for your various types of ice cream designs project. Have fun looking through this selection of mockups, and we hope you find a few that help you out with stunning design presentations!

Two Popscicle Ice Cream Packaging in 3D View

Two Popscicle Ice Cream Packaging in 3D View

Whether you want to showcase ice cream branding work, present ice cream packaging design, or logo design, make it happen with popscicle Ice Cream packaging mockup in 3D view.

The template offers you a top view of the ice cream and ice cream package. For your information, Mockup is available in more than  3000×2201 px dimensions.

First and foremost, This template comes with smart object features that help you to replace your design with just a single click.

Likewise, If you wish to change the colors of any object, It is possible with the solid color layers that the template offers.

Enjoy this stunning and all-around solution and craft a unique design presentation right now!


Stunning Ice Cream Cone Mockup

Ice Cream Mockup

As a designer, take your design presentation to a new level with this stunning ice cream cone mockup. This template for designers will help you put together an interest-sparking design presentation.

The template features a beautiful standing cone with realistic shadows that helps your design presentation in real-life settings.

For instant outcome, Just place your design on an ice cream cone via smart-objects layers and you are ready with extraordinary results.

Moreover, If you want to change scene colors then you are able to do it with most scene objects.

You can utilize this mockup for presenting the ice cream brand logo identity or showcasing branding design.

Present your design in the best possible light and win over new clients without a sweat.


3D Array of Ice Cream Bars Mockup

3d Array of Ice Cream Bars Mockup

If you’re looking for something unique and attractive presentation tools for your ice cream brand’s packaging design, you can never go wrong with this 3D array of ice cream bars mockup.

The template features an adorable ice cream cone design with 1 high-resolution PSD file at 3000 x 2201 px Dimensions.

To replace your design on an ice cream cone, you only need to double click on the smart object, drag & drop your image into the smart object and you are ready with an amazing outcome.

Moreover, If you want to change the colors as your project requires there are solid color layers to do it.

You can consider this mockup for ice cream, packaging, popsicle, cone, stick, cornet, gelato, and frozen-related design projects.

With this awesome mockup, your imagination is the only limitation. Go ALL-IN!


Fully Editable Vegan Ice Cream Mock-ups

Vegan Ice Cream Mockup

The presentation is the most important part of almost every design project. Whether it’s packaging, branding, marketing, or even other creative digital work, the design presentation is what wins the client’s mind and keeps them appreciate.

When it comes to ice cream brand-related design projects, Then this kind of vegan ice cream mock-up could help you in the design presentation as well as testing or evaluating your design work in a realistic manner.

This mockup comes in 1 high-resolution PSD file and is available in 300 DPI quality. Also, The smart object enables you to make instant design replacements with drag-and-drop options.

Moreover, If you need to replace colors according to your test then it is possible with solid color layers features.

You can find this template as an ideal solution for dessert, food, Icecream, healthy food, packaging, and branding-related design presentation.

Stand out your design presentation with this fully editable vegan ice cream mock-up right now.


3D Popsicles & Packaging Mockup

3d Popsicles & Packaging Mockup

Are you searching for a clean, attractive, and effective packaging presentation solution for an ice cream brand? Then you should opt for this 3D popsicles and packaging mockup.

The mockup offers you beautiful ice cream packaging surrounded by ice cream bars. So, You will get an exactly realistic environment that instantly impresses the client.

It is packed with 1 high-quality PSD file at 3000 x 2201 px resolution and is compatible with Adobe Photoshop. In case of any doubts, start debating with 5-star quality customer support.

For instant results, You just need to double-click on the smart objects, and once inside them, simply drag and drop your image into the smart object. Save it and you are ready with an outstanding result.

Additionally, You will also find solid color layers, if you want to change the colors of the objects.

You will find this template beneficial for presenting the ice cream brand logo identity or showcasing packaging design in a professional manner.

Shine your ice cream-related packaging or branding design with this mockup bundle.


Ice Cream Packages Mock-Ups Bundle

Ice Cream Packages Mock-Up Bundle

This is another fully editable ice-cream mockup template for all the creative designers and professionals out there. If you are working on ice cream branding design, you are welcome to use this mockup and take it to next level.

The mockup template features different types of ice cream packaging designs ranging from tubs to containers and choco bars. So, You have different options to test, preview, and evaluate your design.

By downloading this mockup set, You will have more than 22 plus high-resolution PSD files available at 2500×2500 px size.

Moreover, You will get smart object features for quick design replacement. Also, You can adjust the shadows, lights, and reflections according to your needs for a realistic outcome.

You can consider this mockup bundle for projects like label designing, ice cream packaging, branding, and ice cream brand promotions on social media platforms.

In short, it takes care of all the necessities for presenting your design in real-life settings.


Transparent Ice Cream mock-up

Transparent Ice Cream mockup


Ice Cream Pouch Mock-Up

Ice Cream Pouch Mock-Up


3d Top view Ice Cream Cones Mock-up

3d Top view Ice Cream Cones Mockup


Ice Cream Popsicles Mock-up

Ice Cream Popsicles Mockup


Popsicles Mock-up

Popsicles Mockup


Photorealistic ice Cream Mock-ups

Photorealistic ice Cream Mock-ups

These photorealistic ice cream mock-ups help you to show your label designs or to sell your products in an easy and professional way. You can use it in poster designs or can use it as a presentation to show your client!


Ice Cream Cups Mock-up

Ice Cream Cups Mockup

An ideal mockup for preserved ice cream cups designs. This mockup includes One High Resolution PSD file with size 5400×3600 PX.It’s minimalist background make your ice cream designs stand out.


Free Brand Ice Cream Cone Mock-up PSD

Free Brand Ice Cream Cone Mockup PSD

Perfect for branding your ice cream crunchy cone, this packaging mockup includes PSD files with 4000×3000 Pixels. Using this mockup you can easily get the desire presentation via smart-object layer.


Ice Cream or Yogurt Cup and Cone Packaging Mock Up

Ice Cream or Yogurt Cup and Cone Packaging Mock Up

This yogurt cup and cone packaging mockup design will fit in nicely with ice cream or frozen yogurt projects for showcasing your packaging designs. It comes in 2 PSD files featuring minimalist background to make your project stand out.


Frozen Custard Cup Mock-up

Frozen Custard Cup Mockup

Create a nice frozen custard cup mockup template perfect for make your advertising presentation, website or any design presentation for your clients.


Ice Cream Fridge Mock-up

Ice Cream Fridge Mockup

Present your design with this mockup of a ice cream fridge before printing. The file includes separate layers for the color objects and backgraund. Smart layer for the label helps to apply your design. Premium quality and simple to use. This Mockup is an exclusive design of Idaeway mockups to GraphicRiver Community.


Ice Cream Brand

Ice Cream Brand


Fruit Ice Cream Cup Mock-up

Ice Cream Cup Mockup

MockUp Fully Editable. Easy editing your branding and colors. Change background colors. Easy editing color and Branding. After you create your graphics for the Ice Cream Cup Mockup, just double click on the Smart Object layer and replace the image, to view the Ice Cream Cup Mockup with his work.


Free Creative ice Cream Mock-up (PSD)

Creative ice Cream Mockup Free PSD


Ice Cream Showcase Cooler Mock-up

Ice Cream Showcase Cooler Mockup


Free Popsicle Ice Cream Packaging Mock-up PSD

Popsicle Ice Cream Packaging Mockup PSD Free


Plastic Container – With Paper Label

Plastic Container - With Paper Label


Ice Cream Cone Mock-up # 2

Ice Cream Cone Mockup # 2


Free Yummy Ice Cream Cup Mock-up

Yummy Ice Cream Cup Mockup Free

This free PSD ice cream cup mockup provides three ice cream cups to present your ice cream branding with an attractive arrangement. You can change the design of the ice cream cup and their lids by using smart object feature. The size of the cup is 4.5 x 2.5 inches and the size of the lid is 4.5 x 4.5 inches. You can also adjust the colors, shadows, effects and the background of the ice cream mockup. Get this delicious mockup now and produce yummy presentations of your ice cream designs. Please share your valuable thoughts in the comments box below.


Clear Sundae Ice Cream Cups with Lids Mock-up

Clear Sundae Ice Cream Cups with Lids Mockup

Two (2) high resolution PSD mock-ups of two (2) sizes of Clear Ice Cream Cup packaging scaled to actual size – perfect for presentations or to show off your design work.


Ice Cream Package Mock-up

Ice Cream Package Mockup

Ice Cream Package Mock-Up with 8 different views. Show your Designs with this Ice Crem mockup scenes. Use the generated images of the ice cream box in your shop, social media or your blog. This mockup can be used even for yogurt package design. This is a huge timesaver and gives you stunning results in just a few minutes. Put your awsome design in the smart objects and you are ready to go.


Ice Cream Jar Mock-up

Ice Cream Jar Mockup

Present your design with this mockup of a ice cream jar before printing. The file includes separate layers for the color objects and backgraund. Smart layer for the label helps to apply your design. Premium quality and simple to use. This Mockup is an exclusive design of Idaeway mockups to GraphicRiver Community.


Ice Cream Container Mock-Up

Ice Cream Container Mock-Up


Ice Cream Cart Mock-Up

Ice Cream Cart Mock-Up


Ice Cream – Coffee Branding Mockups

Ice Cream - Coffee Branding Mockups

If you want to showcase your Ice Cream shop and haven’t got any mockups yet, why don’t your download these mockups, then just import your logo and make any changes you like, then you immediate have what you want. PSD mockups contain special layers and smart objects for your design


Ice-Cream Package Mock-Up

Ice Cream Package Mock-Up

This photorealistic PSD templates is fully editable. With smart object included you can edit the layers of the graphic canvas or remove them completely and place your own graphics inside, without worrying about perspective, light and shadow effects. You can adjust the effect of light, shadow and reflects.


Ice-Cream Tub Mock-Up

Ice Cream Tub Mock-Up


Summary Of 30+ Best Ice Cream Mockup Templates

All in all, the 30+ best ice cream mockups are all amazing design presentation tools, each offers different styles and environments for your design. Whether you are going to present any ice-cream brand logo identity or showcase ice-cream-related branding work. This list will definitely be going to fulfill your presentation needs.

All that said, we hope our list has helped you streamline your ice-cream mock-up search. Keep the design presentation realistic and stay creative!

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