20 Best Red Textures For Designers 2024

Red Textures

Are you searching for red textures or backgrounds to add a loveable red feel to your design, app, graphic or video-related projects?

Textures are one of the powerful design elements for crafting pairing and realistic designs for any project and enhancing the overall appearance of your designs. And red textures are one of the popular trends since the evolution of digital design.

For this article, we listed the most promising red textures that help you to add an authentic and professional look to your design.

Why Textures Are Important?

As a professional designer, You are already aware of how much knowledge and skills are needed to craft a successful design. While designing something unique and attractive, Every designer prefers to use small pre-made resources like textures.

Textures are a tool that provides a feel of an object or surface. For example, if you are working on an invitation card design that requires watercolor feels behind the message, Then watercolor textures will help you to make that happen.

In the process of graphic designing, Textures are the only design elements that add a visually appealing feel instantly as well as give a realistic appearance.

Some of the summarized advantages of textures are as follows:

  • It helps you to bring organic life to your designs in natural ways.
  • You can use textures to build visual interest.
  • You can find textures useful in your photography work to make it more striking.
  • You can also use textures to build a crispy design by using paper textures.
  • Create compelling artwork or design with textures.

In this article, we’ll walk you through a list of the best red textures that you can use in your own designs.

List of The Best Red Textures

Here we have a collection of 20+ best red textures you can download and use for your next design projects. This list contains only the quality texture made by professionals and comes with multiple file formats like PSD, PNG, JPEG, and more.

So, Without wasting time let’s start to browse this stunning collection.

1. Red Glitter Texture Pack

All 14 Red Glitter Textures Examples

Are you searching for an exclusive red texture pack that promises a glitter effect? then opt for this texture pack.

You will find more than 14 high-quality digital paper textures at 3600×3600 px dimensions. So, having different options with pixel-perfect quality makes this pack a unique option for you.

You can confidently use this bundle for scrapbooks, website backgrounds, postcard designs, or any other creative graphic work.

Apply a realistic red paper texture to your design with this amazing red glitter texture pack.

Price: To download this pack you will have three buying options, personal $6.00, commercial $9.00, and extended commercial $24.00.


2. Set of 4 seamless red leather textures

Example of four seamless red leather textures

Compass is a realistic and attractive design work with this stunning red colored leather pack. It is ideally suitable for fashion branding, clothing, fabric, and similar reasons.

The bundle features 4 unique and different textures with original, rough, and tileable effects. For your information, You will receive these textures at 3342×2220 px size which means there is no issue with zoom quality.

If you wish to have a red texture that provides an effective solution for your next design, Then go with this seamless red leather texture set right now!

Price: Elements Subscription


3. Seamless Red Texture

Seamless Red Texture

Price: Freee / Premium


4. 55 Valentine Red Glitter Textures

55 Valentine Red Glitter Textures

Price: Personal $15.00, Commercial $18.00, Extended Commercial $60.00


5. Watercolor Seamless Textures – Red Pack

Watercolor Seamless Textures - Red Pack

Price: Elements Subscription


6. Red Background Texture

Red Background Texture

Price: Regular License $2


7. Red Wood Texture

Red Wood Texture



8. Red Textured Digital Papers

Red Textured Digital Papers

Price: Personal $10.00, Commercial $12.00, Extended Commercial $40.00


9. Red Foil Seamless HD Textures Pack v.2

Red Foil Seamless HD Textures Pack v.2

Price: Regular License $5,Extended License $75


10. Red Grunge Texture

Red Grunge Texture

Price: Free


11. Crushed Red Paper 033

Crushed Red Paper 033

Price: Regular License $3,$45


12. Red Textures Digital Paper

Red Textures Digital Paper

Price: Personal $6.00, Commercial $9.00, Extended Commercial $24.00


13. Metal, Red Painted Metal texture

Metal, Red Painted Metal texture

Price: Free


14. Dark Red Leather Texture

Dark Red Leather Texture

15. Back To Red Texture Pack #5

Back To Red Texture Pack #5

Price: Free


16. Brick Wall Textures Backgrounds

Brick Wall Textures Backgrounds

Price: Elements Subscription


17. Red Hot Distressed JPG

Red Hot Distressed JPG

Price: Personal $6.00, Commercial $9.00, Extended Commercial $24.00


18. Leather Texture – Campo Series – Post Box Red

Leather Texture – Campo Series – Post Box Red

Price: Free


19. Red Textured Background

Red Textured Background

Price: Personal $6.00, Commercial $9.00, Extended Commercial $24.00


20. Red Silk Fabric Texture 3

Red Silk Fabric Texture 3

Price: Free


21. Abstract Red Vector Background Texture

Abstract Red Vector Background Texture

22. Red Watercolor Texture

Red Watercolor Texture

Price: Free


Conclusion: 20+ Best Red Textures for Any Design Project

Ultimately, The Best red textures for your projects are those that enhance your design and deliver the right message that you want to convince. There are lots of textures available on the internet, but unless they bring out the best in you, they won’t do you much good.

All that said, which among our top picks suits your projects the most? Let us know in the comments section!

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