When designing branding material for a tea brand, restaurant or hot drinks related projects, a tea packaging mockup will come handy. It is an effective presentation tool that works with just about any design display process. With this collection of tea packaging mockups at your fingertips, you can easily see how your end product will look like. To save you time and effort in finding the right one, we have compiled a list of stunning and effective tea packaging mockups for you to take to your advantage.

Packaging plays an important role when it comes to selling your tea products. This is because people measure the quality of a product by just looking at its packaging. If packaging design deliver the great first impression on them, they are definitely going to buy the product. If you are working on tea packaging or branding design projects and in need of a professional presentation tool, Then ready to go mockup template will be a good option. You should just need to replace your own design and you can see it “live” already, giving you a better idea of how it will appear in the real world. This additionally comes overly supportive since it discloses to you whether you have to change your design and not make a mess instead. Below we have gathered a list of best tea packaging mockups for you.

Here, We have compiled a collection of the best free and premium tea packaging mockups that are quick and effortless to edit in Photoshop. This list of the best tea packaging mockups is a mix of all sorts of different shapes and styles. Whether you need a box, packet or round package container, every type is available here.



Crafting a good packaging design is not only helps to stand out the product, but it also boosts product sales. With such packaging design, you’ll have the chance to make your tea brand recognizable. If you’re working on tea packaging design, Then you should look out this set of tea package mockup. This free mockup bundle lets you refine your package designs without much effort. Each element of the mockup is placed on separate layers so they can be edited separately. Using the smart-object layers you can now preview your designs in several position angles. Also, you can change the background as your presentation required.

2Tea Can Packaging Mockup

Tea Can Packaging Mockup

Do you consider can packaging as an effective branding tool for your tea product? If yes, then tea can packaging mockup will be a useful design presentation tool for you! Here is a tea can packaging PSD mockup to help you in your next tea branding or package design project. This free mockup features a floating metal can in different views. You can not only use this for tea-related branding work but also other types of packaging work. As this mockup has smart object layers, it’s a bit easier for you to integrate your design into the scene and let it showcase your design. As this free mockup is fully layered, you can move or reposition the cans according to your project requirement. You may also edit the color of the background to suit your style and remove or retain the texture for a more attractive design.


3Tea Box Mockup Set 2

Tea Box Mockup

As a product seller, You always need to craft a professional and high-quality packaging design to shine on the market. And when it comes to tea products, then its packaging design speaks product. So, if you are working on tea packaging design or branding work and in need of a perfect presentation tool, Here’s a set of tea box mockups that you can use for the next design project. It features five PSD files with twelve different views. It comes with smart objects to insert your designs on a template. If you’d like to colors and design to your own preferences you may always do so very easily and quickly via smart objects. What’s more? This mockup is available in the dimension of 3000×3000 px.

4Wonder Tea

5 Tea Packaging Mockups

If you working on tea packaging design with classic effect, coming up with the amazing presentation for design work can be beneficial, And for that this is the mockup you will be an ideal pick. This mockup includes twelve different PSD files with customizable areas via smart objects. You will see how simple it is to change the content and the design work with your own version. In an effortless way, you can have several variations prepared for the client to see how the final presentation would look like. The template is available in size of 2500×2500 px.


5Metallic Tea Jar Mock-up

Metallic Tea Jar Mock-up

You can easily put your branding or logo on these mock-ups with smart objects. With smart-object included you can edit the layers of the graphic canvas or remove them completely and place your own graphics inside, without worrying about perspective, lights & shadows, reflections etc.


6Tea Dispenser Box Mockup

Tea Dispenser Box Mockup

Create a tea packaging design in seconds with these high quality tea box mockups for print design, portfolio, showcase, ads, banner and more.


7Tea Package – 2 Free PSD Mockups

Tea Package 2 Free PSD Mockups


8Tea Box Mockup

Tea Box Mockup

Universal tea box mockup. It’s dimensions are: 95 mm (wide) x 95 (height) and 55 mm (depth). Along with mockup file you get PSD file with properly guide set, to maximize pasting your project speed.


9Tin Canister Mockup Set

Tin Canister Mockup Set


10Tea Packaging Box Mockup

Tea Packaging Box Mockup


11Tea Box Mock-Up

Tea Box Mock-Up


12Tea In Bags Package Mockup Set

Tea In Bags Package Mockup Set

The mockups are photo-realistic and super easy-to-customize via smart objects.


13Tea Packaging Box Mockups

Tea Packaging Box Mockups

4 amazing tea packaging mockups with different arrangements and poses to show every single side of your packaging designs. All sides of the boxes have separate design replacement. You can also adjust the effects, shadows and the background of these mockups using well-named layers.


14Tea Packet Mockup

Tea Packet Mockup


15Tea Packaging Mockup

Tea Packaging Mockup

Present your design with this mockup of a tea packaging before printing. The file includes separate layers for the color objects and background. Smart layer for the label helps to apply your design. Premium quality and simple to use.


16Tea Package Mockup

Tea Package Mockup

Premium tea package mockup; photoshop format, 7 psd files with a pdf help documentation. Each scene can be easily edited with smart object in seconds.


17Tea Box and Tea Bag Label Mockup Set

Tea Box and Tea Bag Label Mockup Set


18Free Tea Packaging Mock-up In PSD

Tea Packaging Mock-up In PSD


19Tea Box Mock-Ups

Tea Box Mock-Ups


20Tea Bag Mock-Up

Tea Bag Mock-Up