24 Best Towel Mockup Templates 2023

Towel Mockups

Are you looking for the best towel mockup to present or showcase your design professional manner?

Pre-made mockups are the best approach to grandstand your design in front of clients. From beginners to professionals, Every creative individual benefits from mockups. Whether you need it for design testing purposes, evaluating design, or presenting it in real-life settings.

In this article, we will have a list of the top towel mockup templates that helps you to bring originality to your work.

But before diving into the collection, Firstly We need to discuss what is towel mockup and some benefits of towel mockups.

What is a towel Mockup?

The mockup refers to a design presentation tool that allows the designer to present or showcase the design in a realistic manner. It also helps them to test and preview things in real-life conditions to judge the overall design and make changes for the perfect outcome.

Towel mockup is intended to enhance your total work performance and guarantee that you can accomplish a design that clients think in their mind as well as help the client to understand your professionalism.

Towel mockups come in various styles and realistic environments, So it’s up to you and your project requirement to pick the right and pairing towel mockup. But picking the right one is a time-consuming and tedious task.

For your help, This quality selection of amazing towel mockups is a great way to pick the right one.

Top 5 Towel Mockup Templates

While we are completely aware that everyone’s time is important, That’s why we wanted to provide you with a quick top 5 picks from this rundown. We encourage you to browse the full list to get the right one, here they are.

List of The Best Towel Mockups

In this post, you will find 24+ best towel mockup templates available in 2023. This ultimate collection offers you different options ranging from bath to beach, hand, folded, kitchen, and more. Using one of the templates below, We are confident that you can achieve a design presentation that never fails to impress.

Have a look!

Bath Towels

Bath Towels

When it comes to bringing originality, realism, and professionalism to your design, a pre-made mockup like this is a perfect choice for your design presentation.

The set is packed with more than 9 plus mockups with nine unique views at 3500 x 2500 px resolution size. So, You have plenty of choices to test, preview and present your work in a pixel-perfect manner.

With smart objects and well-organized layers, You won’t find any trouble while editing and customizing the template. Also, You can change the colors of some elements.

You can consider this mockup for previewing, demonstration, design evaluation, promotion, and other purposes. Also, it is perfect for branding ideas.

This mockup bundle is ready to craft a design presentation right out of the box, exactly what you and your project need.


Bathroom Fabric Towel Mockup

Towel Mockup

This is another useful towel mock-up template ideal for presenting your decorative artwork or showcasing it. It offers a simple yet effective towel presentation that will boost your design appearance.

This isolated product mockup is available in High Resolution of 3500x3500px at 300 DPI quality.

Thanks to the smart object layers, achieving fast and professional results by replacing your own design looks QUICK and EFFORTLESS.

Moreover, well-organized and named layers with fully customizable options make your editing journey easy.

Craft, test and present your next clothing-related branding with this mockup and make a difference.


Beach Towel Mockup

Beach Towel Mockup

This is a creative, clean, and effective beach towel mockup template that comes with one high-resolution PSD. It is a unique and easy-to-use Photoshop mockup to showcase your artwork with style.

The template features a beautiful beach towel design with sunglasses and a hat that provides a real beach-like environment.

For quick results, You just need to replace your design via smart object layers, and you are done with an outstanding outcome.

Moreover, For your needed background, You can change the colors or replace them with your own textures.

Overall, If you are in need of a unique and effective solution to present your design on a towel, Then this mockup could be perfect for you.


Fully Customizable Hand Towel Mockups

Hand Towel

Are you want to present your next clothing branding or apparel brand’s logo design on the towel? Then opt for these amazing hand towel mockups.

The mockup template features 3 unique PSD files at 3500 × 2300 px dimensions. So, You have three different poses to showcase your design in pixel-perfect quality.

With its well-organized layers and smart object features, you can quickly find the customization paths and replace your own design.

Additionally, If you wish to change the background, color of the towel border or adjust the effects or shadows according to your needs for a realistic outcome. It is possible with this mockup set.

Make a design presentation that stands out with this amazing mockup set.


Seaside Scene Beach Towel Mockup

Seaside Scene Beach Towel


Folded Towels Mockup

Folded Towels


Free Attractive Beach Towel Mockup

Attractive Beach Towel

A towel mockup that includes bundle of three different full towels to showcase your apparel designs. The towels are tie with rope with beautiful label showcase your apparel design beautifully and stunningly. It is a PSD mockup freebie which allows you to attach your works via smart object layer. It is more or less some dragging and dropping that is involved what makes this mockup highly beginner-friendly. You can customize all three towels individually. All three towels have separate smart objects of the same size i.e. 10 x 10 inches. It also offers a customizable label tag of 2.5 x 2 inches for your presentation needs.


Beach Towel Mock Up

Beach Towel


Kitchen Towels Mockup Set

Kitchen Towels


Elegant Full Towel Mockups

Full Towel

These customizable full towel mockups will showcase your beautiful towel and label tag designs in 5 different styles. You can adjust the color of the towel border depending upon your design. Moreover, you can also customize the effects, shadows and the background as well.


Hanging Fabrics Mockup 17 FF v.6

Hanging Fabrics Mockup 17 FF v.6


Free Beautiful Hand Towel Mockup

Beautiful Hand Towel Mockup

Download this towel mockup for free that offers three hand towels to showcase your logos and brandings in a breathtakingly gorgeous way. All three towels have separate smart objects so you can add separate designs to all towels.


Free Elegant Full Towel Mockup

Elegant Full Towel Mockup

Download this elegant full towel mockup free PSD and showcase your towel designs in the best way. You can change the design of the towel and its label tag plus the color of the borders of the towel. You can also customize the shadows, effects and the background. Simply use smart objects for the replacement of designs and intelligent layers for the rest of customization.


Terry Towels Mockup

Terry Towels Mockup PSD


Complete Beach Towel Mock Ups

Complete Beach Towel Mockup


Towel Mock-up

Towel Mock-up PSD


Towel 2 Sizes Mockup

Towel 2 Sizes Mockup PSD


Flour Sack Towel Mockup

Flour Sack Towel Mockup PSD


Folded Towel Mockup

Folded Towel Mockup PSD


Beach Towel Mock-up

Beach Towel Mock-up PSD

Replace invaluable time and expensive photosessions with product mock-ups to get what you need in minutes. Our mock-ups are great selling tools.


Towel Mockup Set

Towel Mockup Set PSD


Beach Towel Mockup

Beach Towel PSD


Round Beach Towel 2 Mockup

Round Beach Towel Mockup


Beach Towel Mockup Free PSD

Beach Towel Mockup Psd


Best Towel Mockups for Branding Design Presentation

For many designers alike, choosing the right presentation tool to craft a professional and realistic presentation of their branding or design work can be a challenge. Use one of the mockup templates from the above list and take your next design presentation to the next level.

We hope that our list of the best towel mockups for logos, clothing products, and branding has given you some inspiration for your next project!

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