22+ Best Umbrella PSD & Vector Mockup Templates

Picking the right umbrella mockup template to showcase your umbrella design is an ideal way to attract your targeted client’s. Choosing an Umbrella template with unique design and realism can truly help set your design apart.

Every one of us use umbrellas for sure during the rainy season.Many companies look Umbrella as marketing tool because, it’s a cost- cutting strategy. That’s why this trend is also captured by many designers. If you have done your Umbrella design project then, your clients want to see how your Umbrella design will look in real environment.You need a suitable Umbrella mockup to make your design concept more realistic.

Below we have list out 22+ Best Umbrella PSD and Vector Mockup Templates the absolute most beautiful and realistic Umbrella mockups that you can use for done or up and coming venture. You can apply them in making an attractive presentation for your present or future design ventures. Appreciate!

Come Under My Umbrella Mockup

Come Under My Umbrella PSD

The mockup templates in this pack are designed for showcasing logo design projects or enhance your presentations and show your customer what a logo looks like, save time and make your workflow more efficient with this photorealistic mock-up. It comes with1 layered PSD file available in 3000 x 2000 PX resolution.


Outdoor Sun Umbrella Mockup

Outdoor Sun Umbrella for logo presentation

Are you looking the way to present your logo design on outdoor sun umbrella, then this mockup template came handy. You can edit this template to personalize it to your preference. It’s contains 02 editable PSD file that will turn your design into photo realistic display.


Umbrella Mockup Set

Showcase Umbrella design

If you’re working on a umbrella design, this unique mockup template set will come in handy. The template is available in 3 PSD files with 3 different views available in 3000 x 3000 px resolution.


Umbrella Mock-Up

Umbrella with transparent background

Another set of Umbrella Mock-Up featuring transparent backgrounds. This bundle comes with 6 renders in 6 PSD files with 2500×2500 PX resolution. You can easily place your designs in the mockups using smart objects.


Umbrella for City, Golf or Beach

Umbrella for City mockup

This adorable and realistic umbrella mock-up is perfect fortesting your design, whether it be a single image, a logo, or a pattern. Each panel is separate, using a carefully shaped smart-object layer with mask to ensure the correct size and proportion of a standard umbrella fabric panel. All you have to do is drop in your design to each panel and edit the colour overlay. Patterns are changed in the blending modes too, or you can use a single jpeg over the mask. Please see the previews for additional info.


Umbrella Mock-Up # 2

Umbrella psd Design with shadow

  • 8 Views in 6 PSD / Adobe CS4 or higher
  • High resolution / 3600×2400px / 300dpi
  • Editable via smart object (3500×3500px Umbrella Size)
  • PDF Instruction included
  • Organized layers and groups
  • 2 Materials and 4 different Handles / Caps
  • Automatic and partial control depth of field
  • Separate objects and shadows
  • Changeable background color and texture via smart object


Umbrella MockUp

Simple Umbrella MockUp design

Create a realistic Umbrella presentation in few seconds. Umbrella MockUp by goner13 is a pack of 9 PSD files, perfect for show – up your design. Simple structure and replacing via Smart Objects make your work easier.


Umbrella Mockup # 2

White and Black psd Umbrella

  • psd with white umbrella ready, back view and side view (each photo 5200 х 2600 px, 300 dpi);
  • psd with black umbrella ready, back view and side view;
  • each psd contains smart objects for your logo and pattern presentation;
  • help files (video tutorials);


Umbrella Classic Open MockUp

Open Umbrella classic MockUp

Ready for Photoshop you can easily change the screen image in any angle included with a single click.


Umbrella Mockup # 3

new Umbrella Mockup

Photorealistic, clean and easy to use umbrella mockup. Umbrella Mockup is the product that will help designers to create presentations not spending much time on it.


Umbrella Mock-up # 3

Umbrella Mock-up template


Umbrella Mock-Up # 4

Umbrella Mock-Up psd


Umbrella Mock-Up # 5

Umbrella Mock-Up

Set includes 1 psd files 2500×2500 resolution All the objects on a transparent background.


Umbrella Mock-Up # 6

psd Umbrella Mock-Up

  • 8 Views in 6 PSD / Adobe CS4 or higer
  • High resolution / 3600×2400px / 300dpi
  • Editable via smart object (3500×3500px Umbrella Size)
  • PDF Instruction included
  • Organized layers and folders
  • 2 Materials and 4 different Handles / Caps
  • Automatic and partial control depth of field
  • Separate objects and shadows
  • Changeable background color and texture via smart object


Monsoon Sale Composition With Realistic Umbrella – Vector Free

Umbrella - Vector Free


PSD Umbrella icon Free

Umbrella psd, icon Free


Cardiology Umbrella And Rain – Vector Free

Cardiology Umbrella And Rain Vector


Monsoon Background With Umbrella – Vector Free

Monsoon Background Umbrella Vector


Monsoon Umbrella – Vector Free

Monsoon Umbrella - Vector


Rainbow Umbrella With Ribbons – Vector Free

Rainbow Umbrella With Ribbons Vector Free


Rain Background And Yellow Umbrella – Vector Free

Rain Umbrella Vector Free


Retro Monsoon Sale Background With Umbrella And Drops – Vector Free

Retro Monsoon Sale Background With Umbrella And Drops Vector Free


Blue Background of Monsoon Umbrella And Rain – Vector Free

Blue Background Vector Free


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