20 Best Photo Overlays for Photographers 2024

50 Smoke Overlays+

Do you want to enhance your photography and take it to the next level?

Photo overlays are the perfect solution to convert your normal photograph and make them into imaginative works of art. It allows you to apply textures or different elements – like fog effects, autumn falling leaves, and vintage effect.

In this article, we gathered a list of the best photo overlays which will help you to create stand-out images that hold everyone’s attention.

What are Photo Overlays?

A photo overlay is an extra layer of image or texture that can be added to your photography to enhance its appearance. Mostly it is done with the help of Photoshop software.

Assuming you’re new to the universe of overlays in photography, you’re certain to be invigorated by the possibility of having the option to add an image to your photo that adds an additional dimension texture to your photograph.

Back in the good old days if photographers had any desire to add texture to a picture, they would make an impact. For Examples, overexposure, scratching negatives with pins, utilizing sandpaper to influence the negative, and even staining the paper prior to exposing it.

These days are gone, Now with current computerized photography, overlays can essentially be moved onto a picture with the assistance of Photoshop. Then it was adjusted using blending mode and opacity for various effects.

Regardless of what style of photography, there is an overlay for each conceivable look, whether you’re trying to apply sky, blossoms, glitter, sun flames, smoke, or any other reasons. There is every type of overlay available.

List of The Best Photo Overlays

In this collection, we handpicked 20+ best photo overlays that you can use to enhance your photography without spending too much time. Whether you’re a professional photographer or a beginner this list of photo overlays helps you to improve your photos.

Let’s now look at the best photo overlays to help you choose the most appropriate one for your next projects.

Light Leak Overlays for Creating Vibrant Photo Effects ( JPG )

Light Leak Overlays for Creating Vibrant Photo Effects

Are you looking for photo overlays to apply a vibrant photo effect? Then these light leak overlays can be the ideal pick for you.

This pack offers 80+ high-res overlay images of light flares and bokeh effects in a variety of shapes, colors, and layouts.

The creator made this impact utilizing a camera, a light, and colored film, which adds an additional degree of genuineness contrasted with carefully made light leak effects.

You will have JPEG images in more than 3000×2000 px size. Additionally, You will find the perfect effect to suit the composition of your photo, from subtle red leaks to vibrant flares that burn out a large portion of the image.

Download this overlays pack and make your Photography stand out.


Vintage Effects for Photo or Designs (JPG, PSD,Envato Elements )

Vintage Effects for Photo or Designs

Here is another set of photo overlays that offer vintage grunge effects. It is an effect that makes any photography or graphic designs work stand out.

By downloading this effect, You will have 30 vintage paper and book covers textures and 30 black&white textures for screen mode.

Moreover, if you find any trouble, then there is a Photoshop file with all instructions and settings.

Take your next vintage style Photo project to the next level with this pack.


Free Glitter Photoshop Overlay ( JPG )

Free Glitter Photoshop Overlay

50 Smoke Overlays+ (JPG, Envato Elements )

50 Smoke Overlays+

Vintage Leaks Photoshop Overlays ( JPG )

Vintage Leaks Photoshop Overlays

Vintage Leaks is aimed to create retro-looking photos for your albums, social media. Inside this pack, you will find 12 different overlays with grainy/noisy textures that will help you get that extra vintage look.


42 Painted Flowers photo Overlays ( PNG, Envato Elements )

42 Painted Flowers photo Overlays

Anyone can create stylish photo editing with these unique and transparent flowers photo overlays. Highly useful for photographers, photo retouching, wedding & family photos and also for all type of portrait photo editing. Save your hours of time by the big collection of 42 Painted Flowers photo Overlays.


Beautiful Flare & Haze Texture Overlays ( JPG )

Beautiful Flare & Haze Texture Overlays

20 Magic Photo Overlays ( JPG, Envato Elements )

20 Magic Photo Overlays

Mysterious Fog Overlays ( JPG )

Mysterious Fog Overlays

Each of the overlays masterly recreates fog or smoke and can be used so easily and naturally! Just place the overlay on top of your image, change the mode of the overlay layer for screen and your shot is 100% perfect.


75 Sunshine Overlays ( JPG )

75 Sunshine Overlays

Free Sky Overlay for Photoshop and Elements

Free Sky Overlay for Photoshop and Elements

30 Hand Painted Photo Mask Shapes ( EPS, PNG, PSD, Envato Elements )

30 Hand Painted Photo Mask Shapes

Offering 30 different shapes to choose from, these photomasks deliver a whole slew of shapes and styles to choose from.


Abstract Watercolour Overlay ( PSD, Envato Elements )

Abstract Watercolour Overlay

This lightweight file will give you the instant ability to create a cool, CD cover type design within seconds, simple double-click the smart object and insert your image.


Free Bokeh Photo Overlays ( PSD )

Free Bokeh Photo Overlays

50 Light Leak Overlays ( JPG, Envato Elements )

50 Light Leak Overlays

Free Sunset Sky Overlay

Free Sunset Sky Overlay

50 Rain Overlays ( JPG, Envato Elements )

50 Rain Overlays

Lightning Overlays for Photoshop ( JPG )

Lightning Overlays for Photoshop

Bokeh Overlays ( JPG, PDF, Envato Elements )

Bokeh Overlays

This collection contains 34 bokeh overlays and 1 Photoshop action. Add some beautiful bokeh to your photographs to make them stand out without the need to spend minutes trying to focus on your subject and getting that bokeh effect right.


Various Grunge Papers ( JPG )

Various Grunge Papers
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