25 Best Truck Advertising Mockups For Outdoor Promotion

Food Truck Mockup PSD

Do you wish to present or showcase your outdoor Advertising design through truck advertising mockups?

The professional mockup template enables product, web, app, or graphic designers to convert their flat designs into realistic ones. Also, It will be a beneficial approach to convince the client about your design work at a first impression.

For this post, We have hand-picked a list of the best truck advertising mockups that enhance the overall appearance of your outdoor advertising design.

Why Do You Need a Truck Advertising Mockup?

Advertising design presentation is the first key thing that decides the successful direction of your project.

With a pre-made truck advertising mockup, you have real-life settings to test, preview, and present your creation. You won’t need to directly print it before finalizing the design. While clients also get an idea of what kind of work you are going to deliver.

Using a ready-to-go truck advertising mockup that is made by a professional designer can save lots of time and effort. For example, If you are working on a Food truck advertising campaign, Using pre-made mockups that have a realistic environment to present your creation is always beneficial.

Now, this approach separates your design work apart from others and enhances the overall appearance of your design by converting flat to a realistic one.

After getting an overview of why you need truck mockups for your next project, Let’s dive into the list of the best truck advertising mockups available in 2023.

Top 5 Truck Advertising Mockups

Best Truck Advertising Mockups

Below, we have collected 25+ best truck mockups that should help them to present their Ad campaign in a professional and realistic manner. This list consists of different styles and sizes of truck mockups ranging from delivery to a food truck, concert promotion, and much more.

You can start using the Truck Advertising Mockups template right off the bat and have the presentation ready swiftly. Without further ado, let’s get your desired one-truck advertising mockups.

GB Traffic

Vehicle Branding

GB Traffic is an amazing, clean and effective mockup set that you can use to enhance your outdoor marketing design appearance.

The mockup offers you 1 high-resolution PSD file that features a car, Pickup, and truck design inside. You will receive this template in a 4500×3000 pixel size.

The design replacement process is so simple with its smart object features and organized layers & folders. It takes only a few clicks, and you’re ready to go! (So cool.)

The template is an ideal solution for car or vehicle branding, outdoor advertising, truck or hatchback wrap design, street marketing, concrete, and much more.

Craft a design presentation that quickly impresses the potential client or viewers.


Road Van Vehicle Branding Mockup

Van Vehicle Branding

If you are in need of a truck mockup that has photorealistic settings to present or showcase your outdoor AD design. Then without a doubt, this mockup template could be an ideal pick for you.

The template features a realistic van in front of a commercial space that helps you to craft a professional design presentation. It is available in 5379× 3582 px size which means quality is not an issue.

To receive instant results, You just place your own artwork inside the template and get an impressive outcome.

You can find this mockup as a beneficial tool for your next food brand logo identity presentation, showcasing truck wrapping design, or similar reasons.

Grab this free solution to grandstand your next truck-related branding design.


Street Food Truck PSD Mock-up

Food Truck

Make your outdoor advertising campaigns design work presentation stand out with this excellent food truck mockup template.

The template features a beautiful food van with 6 different location backgrounds. For your information, You will receive this template in the size of 5000×3500 px.

For a quick outcome, You just need to double-click on the smart layer (marked with color) and paste your design to get amazing results.

You will find this mockup beneficial for the presentation of ice cream shops, coffee shops, burger cafes, and other street food.

So, Without wasting time go and grab this mockup that helps you to craft an adorable design presentation.


Full Wrapped Truck Mock-up

Realistic PSD Truck Mockup

Are you looking for a solution to present or showcase your advertising design in outdoor conditions? Then This could be an excellent choice for your projects.

This set offers you unique 4 PSD files with four different views (Perspective, Back Perspective, Front, and Side) and is available at 4800×2500 px 4k resolution. So, You have lots of choices to test, preview and present your design in quality resolution.

Of course, thanks to the smart object features that benefit you to replace your own design in a QUICK and EFFORTLESS manner.

You can consider this mockup set for projects like Food business branding, decorated van design projects, transportation advertising, and similar reasons.

Take your design work presentation to new heights and impress the clients at first glance with this mockup bundle.


Vehicle Mockups – Car, Trucks, Jeep Mockups

Vehicle Mockups - Car Mockups

Delivery Truck Mockup Set

Delivery Truck Mockup Set

Food Truck Mockup

Food Truck

Using a truck branding strategy for any street food related business would be beneficial and it lot of easier if you have perfect Food truck mockups to do the evaluation and refinement. In this way, you’ll get a photo-realistic preview you of what your designs would be when it’s on a truck. Here are beautiful and vintage style food truck PSD Mockups you should be seeing for your branding projects. Whether you’re working with it for personal or commercial projects, this mockup offers a lot of options to achieve the finest branding designs in a minimum time! You just need to place your artwork on the truck, just place it inside the smart object and you’ll be done in no time. The mockup is perfect for the presentation of your next street food project.


Trailer Truck Mockup Free PSD

Trailer Truck

This mockup is made with 3d image, thanks for the designer who create these amazing 3d trailer truck images. For using this mockup you need to have photoshop min cs6 version required.


Delivery Truck Psd Mockup

Delivery Truck

Lorry Truck Branding Mockup

Lorry Truck Branding PSD

Billboard Mockup on Truck

Billboard Truck

GemGfx Free Lorry Truck Mockup

Free Lorry Truck

Truck And Billboard Mockup

Truck Mockup

Cargo Truck Mock-Up based Ford Sterling

Cargo Truck Mock-Up based Ford Sterling



Heavy Duty Truck Branding Mockup PSD

Heavy Duty Truck Branding

Realistic Box Truck Mockup Template

Realistic Box Truck

Realistic Box Truck Mockup Template is for showcasing artwork on International Box Trucks. The box truck mockup can also be used for flyers and posters. Smart objects are used to make usage very easy. Just drag your art into the smart object and save it.


Commercial Truck Carrier Mock-Up

Commercial Truck Carrier PSD

Set includes 6 hi-res 3D renders in 6 layered psd files 5000×3750 resolution. All the objects on a transparent background. In files – truck, cabin color, cargo color, banners, background, etc. submitted for the individual layers are named by appropriate way for your convenience.


Truck Mock-Ups

Truck Mock-Ups PSD

Military Truck Mock-up

Military Truck

Image set includes 5 high quality detailed 3D renders of sprecial army truck, based on ukranian vechicle “KRAZ” in 5 different PSD files 5000×3750 pixels. All the objects on a transparent background. In files – vehicle body, highlights and shadows, custom banners, background, etc. submitted for the individual layers are named by appropriate way for your convenience.


Food Truck Mock-Up

Food Truck Mock-Up PSD

A food truck is almost like a billboard on wheels, it is an incredible opportunity to promote your business. So use this mock-up to plan your designs and preview them from all angles.


American Truck Mock-Up

American Truck

Billboard And Truck Mock-up

Truck Mock-up

Free Vehicle Branding Heavy Duty Truck Mock-up PSD

Vehicle Branding Heavy Duty Truck Mock-up PSD

GemGfx Semi Truck Mockup

Semi Truck

Lorry Branding Mock-Up

Lorry Branding Mock-Up

Truck Mockup 5K

Truck Mockup 5K

Cargo Truck Mock-Up

Cargo Truck Mock-Up PSD

Truck / Lorry Car Mock-Up Set includes 8 PSD Files / 8 realistic perspectives / Fully Layered 4000×3000 resolution (13.3×10 inches 300dpi HiQ print) Usage is very simple. Open the PSD file, you will find a group of layers (duly named). Layers for editing are located on top, named properly, and marked red color.


30+ Best Truck Advertising Mockups for Outdoor Advertising Design Presentation

Using the best truck advertising mockup for your design projects will enable you to maximize your design appearance and help you better present your designs. The above collection of truck advertising mock-ups comes with a different environment and feel, making them the perfect pick for personal and commercial projects to stand out.

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